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In a land far far away near the start of the 21st Century Mayfield KY High School dominated little school KY high school football. The Cardinals even beat one school, Beechwood Academy (formerly Beechwood High School) 33 times straight which includes one time before the turn of the century in what is known as the Two Point Conversion game. Back in the early part of the Century the Mayfield fans became hard to tolerate but the rest of the peasant football teams/fans dismissed them because they were only a Class A team. In 2015 Mayfield moved up to 2A and beat Newport Central Catholic in what is known as the Muffin Man Game. Fans of other teams threw the Muffin Man Game in Mayfield's face and several of the Cardinal fans became almost impossible to deal with. The other fans were just trying to get the Emperor to change the rules of engagement but that is not how Mayfield saw it. The Cardinals knew they weren't playing little school football any longer and from this point forward Mayfield had to face the 3 Seas of Evil: Catholics Colts Centurions

Knowing the Emperor was looking at their 2015 Title and knowing the 3 Seas of Evil were banding together to defeat them, Mayfield Head Coach Joe Morris started the Young Cardinal Initiative of 2016. Coach Morris had his former players infiltrate Big Grannies Daycare on West Walter, Mother Goose Learning Center on West Willow, and Tiny Tots Child Care on West Broadway. Big Grannies and where you got to Goose people were fine but Tiny Tots wasn't cutting it. Jonathan Jackson was assigned to Big Grannies and Mother Goose just to keep an eye on things, Mikey Bright was placed in Tiny Tots fulltime to oversee every athletic activity in the daycare and provide any assistance needed. The 2 to 4 year old group showed the most improvement. By 2032 Mayfield was dominating Freshman Football like never before. The Cardinals were so good there was even talk among the villagers of traveling to LouieLand and slaying the Big Green Monster in a Freshman game. Mind you, it was only talk.

As time went on Mayfield continued to win more and more state championships. Talk of losing on a two point conversion was outlawed in Mayfield. The Cardinal fans no longer had nightmares about the 2015 Muffin Man, the Emperor wasn't looking at their titles any longer, and Mayfield was finally confident they could consistently beat the 3 Seas of Evil. All this was thanks to what is now referred to as the BrightJack Initiative.

May I present to you everyone your 2049 Class 2A Champs, the Mayfield Cardinals!

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