Madison Central 49 GRC 35

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProppaStyle;2993165[B
    ]I hope so as well. I hope they come back stronger than ever.[/B]

    Also, does anyone know who number 13 is? It seemed like he struggled out there during the MC game.

    Well then we need to support all of our players, this is a team sport. That was what was wrong with last years team...too much "I" Yes, the players do read what is posted on here about them.
    #13 is Ethan Curry RB/DB Sophomore. And yes sometimes our Sophomores may just goes with getting experience. I wish that our fans had the "Team Chemistry" that our football team has this year.

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    There IS support for ALL the players. But this IS football, it WILL be talked about, hence the reason for the forum in general.