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With one week of playoff match ups in the books, we'll (hopefully) start seeing more competitive games going forward for the remainder of the playoffs. No big upsets across the state, as was expected, and the same was true right here in our region. Just in the Louisville Power Rankings, the teams won by an average margin of 48-3. This week, we'll have two games that pit teams in our rankings against each other, Saint Xavier versus Butler and Male versus North Hardin. Four teams will be on the road this week.

1. 6A Saint Xavier (8-3) - Last Week: Defeated 6A Ohio County 68-0. This Week: Home vs. 6A Butler (8-3)
2. 6A Male (10-1) - Last Week: Defeated 6A Meade County 36-0. This Week: Away vs. 6A North Hardin (8-3)
3. 2A Christian Academy - Louisville (11-0) - Last Week: Defeated 2A Covington Holy Cross 62-0. This Week: Home vs. 2A Lloyd Memorial (7-4)
4. 2A DeSales (10-1) - Last Week: Defeated 2A Newport 49-6. This Week: Away vs. 2A Newport Central Catholic (5-6)
5. 6A Butler (8-3) - Last Week: Defeated 6A Central Hardin 33-8. This Week: Away vs. 6A Saint Xavier (8-3)
6. 5A South Oldham (10-1) - Last Week: Defeated 5A Fairdale 64-7. This Week: Home vs. 5A Bullitt Central (7-4)
7. 5A Oldham County (10-1) - Last Week: Defeated 5A Doss 50-14. This Week: Away vs. 5A Fern Creek (7-4)
8. 6A Trinity (5-6) - Last Week: Defeated 6A Muhlenberg County 69-0. This Week: Home vs. 6A Henderson County (7-4)
9. 4A Moore (10-1) - Last Week: Defeated 4A West Jessamine 41-0. This Week: Home vs. 4A Mercer County (5-6)
10. 6A North Hardin (8-3) - Last Week: Defeated 6A Manual 14-0. This Week: Home vs. 6A Male (10-1)

Top Performers
QB Garrett Dennis, Male: 16/25 240 yards 3TD/1INT
QB Clayton Masters, CAL: 4/4 141 yards 3 TD
RB Antione Johnson, DeSales: 9 carries 80 yards 3 TD
QB Chaz Burks, Butler: 10/19 272 yards 4TD
DB Jacob Ratliff, Oldham County: 9 total tackles, 1.5 TFL, 47 yard punt return TD

Game of the Week: 6A Saint Xavier vs. 6A Butler (Part 2)
The Tigers won the first matchup between these two teams 14-6. Unlike three weeks ago, this game will be at St. X in front of a large Tiger home crowd. Will Butler be able to produce more points this time around? Will X's defense dominate? Who moves on in the 6A playoffs?