Louisville Power Rankings 10/8

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    No problem with these rankings. T may very well beat teams ranked higher but you have to earn respect. I am glad to see T have to earn the respect. For many years teams just rolled over to the Rocks and maybe we'll see a shift in the Louisville Power Rankings for a few more years. It's better when there's parity.

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    The best things about these polls and rankings in my opinion is they keep the conversations going. Our team doesn't have many members on here, and really we are still under the radar in the big scheme of KY football. Sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes the perception of our program increases our (my... lol) motivation. Trinity is the team in Louisville and Kentucky as well. It will take more than one down season to erase their dominance. I don't think many teams pound themselves on the chest for being ranked higher because its fleeting, but it sure does make for great debate!


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
    Do you have a specific problem with the ratings, or do you just hate Trinity?
    You asked me if I had a problem with the rankings, which I don't. Then you asked if I just hate Trinity? I stated that if they win they would move up. In my opinion, when they win and st x loses and everyone else maintains their course, I see Trinity moving up. If not, awesome, if they do, awesome. No knock, just my opinion. Keep up what your doing, I like it.

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    Does anybody know when the Nky power rankings come out?