1. Trinity (10-0) Trinity hits Ballard pretty hard last week, 49-0. This week is a rematch against Seneca which will probably be very similar to the last time they met up.

2. St. Xavier (8-1) St. X continues to roll beating Bulter 37-0. This week's game versus always powerful Cincy X will be very difficult for the Tigers. The game is in Louisville so that will give the Tigers a slight edge.

3. Male (8-2) Male brought home the whiskey barrel beating Manual 27-20. This week H should be favored heavily over Connor.

4. Pleasure Ridge Park (6-3) Tough loss for the Panthers against a very strong Scott County 21-48. Things only get a little easier as PRP goes to visit Top 10 Central.

5. DeSales (9-0) As expected, the Colts had their way with Shawnee 57-0. This week will not be much better as DeSales will face Southern.

6. Christian Academy of Louisville (7-2) As expected Washington Co. did not fair well against CAL 49-6. Bullitt East should provide a bit better matchup but CAL still a solid favorite.

7. South Oldham (8-1) South just keeps on winning, this time versus North Bullit 57-6. This week is Shelby County who should prove a little better matchup.

8. Elizabethtown (8-1) - A huge apology to Elizabethtown. Earlier in the season there was a mix up as to whether Etown was considered a Louisville Area team or a Western KY team and they just fell off the radar. The Panthers would have been ranked throughout much of this season had this error been noticed earlier.

9. Central (7-2) Central continues playing well beating Thomas Nelson 42-3. This week will be much tougher as the Yellow Jackets will host a very good PRP.

10. Butler (6-4) Butler took a beating from St. X 0-37 and will full in the rankings but will not fall out of the rankings due to the strength of St. X. Unfortunately for the Bears, they cannot rest to long as this week they will travel up I-71 to face a very good Ryle.

Honorable Mention -

Central Hardin (6-3)

Bullitt Central (6-3)

Fern Creek (6-4)

Doss (6-3)

Teams on the Rise Will have to give this and an apology to Etown as they continue their long winning streak.

Teams on the Decline Manual is struggling this second half of the season.

Featured Game of the Week PRP versus Central