1) Male High School (7-0, defeated PRP 44-0) – About what I was expecting. Next week versus St. X should be a pretty good match up for Male.

2) Trinity High School (6-1, defeated St. X 20-15) – Nice win for Trinity is huge rivalry, just too many mistakes by the long snapper giving X points. Next week versus Eastern, Should be a snoozer of a game and a good week to fix weaknesses discovered in the St. X game.

3) St. Xavier High School (4-2, defeated by Trinity 20-15) – St. X had a very difficult time moving the ball. With the exception of one drive, Trinity gifted points to X. X needs to make adjustments or they could easily lost to Manual.

4) DuPont Manual High School (6-0, Defeated Butler 47-0) Pretty much expected a score like this. Next week against X will be the first time Manual will not be favored this season but Manual has the best chance to beat X this year than in many previous years.

5) Central (4-2, Defeated Moore 46-6) No surprise. Thomas Nelson should give a little bit better of a game next week.

6) Fern Creek (6-1 Defeated Southern 39-0) Fern Creek was just too much for Southern. Next week is Doss, could be worse.

7) St. Francis DeSales (5-1, Defeated North Hardin 41-7) – DeSales is back to its winning ways.. DeSales faces its rival Christian Academy next week.

8) Pleasure Ridge Park (4-3, Defeated by Male 44-0) End of a brutal 3 game stretch for PRP which featured T, X and Male all in a row. Next week against Butler will be like a vacation.

9) Elizabethtown (7-0, Defeated Hart County 49-7) Easy win and next week versus LaRue County will probably be also. No reason to believe Etown will not end the rest of the season undefeated.

10) Spencer County (7-0, Defeated North Oldham) Spencer keeps on winning. Next week’s game versus undefeated Franklin Co should be a good game.

Big Riser(s) – No one really.

Big Dropper(s) – Again, no one.

Game of the Week – St. X versus Male.