1) Male High School (6-0, defeated Butler 57-0) – Another pounding by Male. Next week versus PRP should be a little better, well just a little better.

2) Trinity High School (5-1, defeated Jeffersontown 51-0) – Fairly predictable. Next week versus X, Trinity will be favored but this is a game that could escape them like last year or I could see Trinity winning by multiple touch downs.

3) St. Xavier High School (4-1, defeated PRP 21-13) – Was not expecting this to be such a close game. If this X team or the one that lost to Central shows up Friday against Trinity, X will lose by multiple touchdowns. If the X that routed Bowling Green shows up, it will be a great game and possibly an X victory. Coach Wolford needs to find his team’s Bi Polar meds.

4) DuPont Manual High School (5-0, Defeated Western 41-0) Pretty much expected a score like this. Next week against Butler should be similar.

5) Central (3-2, Defeated Waggener 21-6) Game was closer than it should have been, but still a win.

6) Fern Creek (5-1 Defeated Fairdale 17-7) Scratching my head how this one could be so close, no disrespect the Fairdale but they are not good. Next week is Southern, about the same strength as Fairdale.

7) St. Francis DeSales (4-1, Idle) – DeSales had a week off to recover from Fern Creek. DeSales hopes to get back on the saddle this coming weekend against John Hardin

8) Pleasure Ridge Park (4-2, Defeated by St. X 21-13) The say there is no such thing as a good loss well, this one was not bad enough to drop in the polls. A one touchdown and extra point loss to St X is respectable for PRP. Next week against Male could be humbling.

9) Elizabethtown (6-0, Defeated Edmonson Count 33-8) Pretty predictable win. Next week they play Hart County which will probably be the same story.

10) Spencer County (6-0, Defeated Collins 35-14) Collins just can’t catch a break as Spencer takes the recent state champion on a three game losing streak. Next week’s game versus undefeated Franklin Co should be quite a game.

Big Riser(s) – No one really.

Big Dropper(s) – Again, no one.

Game of the Week – St. X versus Trinity.