Lawrence County 2015

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    Lawrence County 2015

    What does Lawrence County need to do to improve in 2015? What do they need to keep doing to be successful? Remember, please be constructive.

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    Lawrence has some nice pieces in place.

    Timmy Dalton is a stud! May very well have been the most dominant offensive player in 3A last year not named Hatfield.

    The Kiser kid was a solid QB who can make plays running and throwing and has their big TE back as well. Lawrence will be stout up front on offense.

    The fortune of the Bulldogs and their chances to knock off a loaded Belfry team comes down to their D line and depth across their Defense. They pushed Belfry but did not have the capacity to withstand the body blows and faded in the 2nd Half. Lawrence also needs to find a HB that can step up and be a threat running it. If they can make sure Dalton and Kiser can sell play action they can manufacture points against almost anyone.