Lafayette 2015

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    Comes down to Defense.

    Lafayette, much like last year, has plenty of firepower on offense.

    Can they stop anyone though?
    In their four losses they averaged 33 points per game..... but allowed 41.5 ppg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uk#1fan View Post
    There was no band either.
    That was my point, I believe Band Regionals and state are also around that time. The majority of their football crowd is band parents, and all leave after halftime, when they do perform at games.

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    GreatLakes you are correct. Band was out of town that weekend so the 300 or so band members and 500 or so followers are the ones that fill the stands at Lafayette games. Don't get me wrong, they are an awesome matching band and a decent the football program. It's just sad that public schools in Fayette county don't have the support, except the immediate family members of the players.