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Not sure if you noticed in the press release sent out by the KHSAA yesterday that the contract with Rawlings is up and they are issuing an Request for Proposals.

I did an informal survey on the coaches' list serve a few years back and found that well over 95% of coaches responding had negative feelings about having to use RAWLINGS as our ball in the playoffs.

Now would be our time to let our voice be heard -- I know $$$ will make the ultimate decision, but as I've heard Mr. Tackett say many times, the KHSAA isn't some outside body imposing its will. It's an association of 'us.' If that's the case, then overwhelming sentiment against something we all are required to do should have some merit even over what's best for "us" $$$-wise.

I'm not asking for any of us to do anything subversive or negative. I'd really just ask that we as a profession --the ones most directly affected by being required to use one particular ball--let OUR opinion be known.

I'd recommend tweeting @khsaafootball and @khsaa some kind of hashtag like #nomorerawlings or maybe something promoting the brand you'd like us to use?

Mike Jackson
Social Studies Teacher/Football Coach
Ballard High School