Johnson Central 29 Ashland 28

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graybeard View Post
    Leatherneck: It’s always good to read your posts. And it’s good to get a neutral party’s observations and analysis to balance the typical “homer” reports.

    Thanks for making the trip and your input.

    PS - what happened to your knee? Hope you get better soon.


    Golfer - I also enjoyed your analysis. It was good seeing you at the game last night.


    Stats from the Independent:

    First Downs, Ash =17, JC =12

    Rushes-yards, Ash = 38-152, JC = 40-227

    Passing, Ash = 9-25-0, JC = 3-4-0

    Passing yards, Ash = 129, JC = 84

    Fumbles – lost, Ash = 4-0, JC = 3-2

    Had some scope work done on it on Thursday to clean out all those things that happen when you play football for about 15 years and run around in boots with a loaded ALICE pack on for years.

    Family Tradition did the driving, buddy Troy served as co-pilot and I sat in the back seat with ice on my knee. Might have had a doctored up Diet Coke or two to self medicate a bit. Don't believe in taking the oxycodone. The doctored up Diet Cokes work just as well and taste much better.

    It was a good trip and I enjoyed watching two good football teams play a very close and entertaining game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Eagle View Post
    He's okay. Just needed some stitches on the face afterward.
    Probably the best game I've ever seen played on Eagle Field, and I go back to 1990 watching football there.
    Thanks for the update and glad it wasn't worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshlandTomcat View Post
    I don't think the district title has been decided yet and I would sure put Ashland in the run for it. As much as I hate to say it, this may have been a good loss for them. I wonder if they were starting to feel a little too confident? I've seen all their games but one this year and in my opinion, they did not come into this game with the same fire and enthuiasm. They seemed flat the first half--defense didn't play well, too many dropped balls (entire game) and too many incompleted passes. If they had played the first half like they did the second, they would have come home with a win. But, you also have to remember, there are a lot of 10th and 11th graders in the starting line-ups. On a different note--did anyone notice there was less music played over the loud speakers the second half???

    I'm sorry but how could you come out too confident or flat against a team that has pretty much owned you the past few years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackshirts View Post
    Well to be honest with you JC has not won it yet.
    I didn't say JC had won it did I? Might need to read one's post before commenting and degrading someone! My point is there are only four teams in the district, JC has to win next week and should wrap up number one. The only chance Ashland has to win it is Woodford to beat JC, Montgomery to beat JC, and Ashland beat Woodford and Montgomery. So it really is JC's district to lose.

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    Congrats to the Eagles and Coach Matney, good win last night.

    See ya on Pond Creek in a few weeks...