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    Quote Originally Posted by 02Ram54
    I would absolutely agree with that. More than anything else, his scheme is about getting your athletes on the field and telling them "make a play."

    On the other hand, I stand by what I said before. When Male's defense was at their best, they had mulit-position athletes like Bush and Spencer, and it was better than playing a more conventional defense because having Bush on the field was like having a 'backer and a DB on the field in one player. But I don't think he has the versatility in his athletes to match that, and it shows on the scoreboard. Just my opinion.

    As the level of the verticle game in Louisville has gone up (and it has- look at Fern Creek, Manual, St X and Trinity, all are throwing way more than they have in the past, and although some of that is the athletes they've had, I think it's a philosophy trend we'll see continue,) the big play problems in Redman's defense has gone up. Manual is hardly the '99 Rams when it comes to passing, but they complete long throws against Male every time they play.
    Interestingly enough, Colerain runs a similar scheme on defense. Their coach tells the kids the first day of practice that they won't have specified "positions" on defense. And I'm in agreeance with an earlier post, teams that can run the ball well and have a good QB and speedy recievers will cause problems for whatever you put out there, as long as you can attack it right. I look at this like I look at Boone Co. running the football all of the time. Most of the teams you play aren't going to be able to stop you, but eventually your going to run into a team that can, and then what?

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    JD Dog, I've seen every home game at Male the last 3 years. We had a change in PA last year, so the guy you heard was very basic and very new. I do not want to dwell on this, but like I said b 4 he read a "good sport" statement before the game and he was not. Also I seen many games and I've lost my share I never have heard someone like him. A lot of places either he is too loud and you can't hear him. Asking the students to "get up for your Dogs" is OK, I'm done.