Is Highlands looking to hire an Offensive Coordinator?

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    If I was you I wouldn't like me either. #Views #teamstaywoke


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    Lets clear some things up for ignorant suggestions and speculations...

    First and foremost, it is awesome that Coach Siple is back in the game again...His strong resume and experience should help Coach Deaton with the Offense and if the chemistry is right, look out Highlands fans, it is going to be a fast and fun ride again.

    As far as the Defensive issues go, Coach W will do what he does best and that is stop opposing teams offenses. Having Coach Meadows back would be the proverbial icing on the cake but I doubt that will ever happen, but I also doubted that Coach W would relinquish the offense and move back to defense and here we are...

    This is going to be a really important yr for Highlands and I don't think they will fail from a lack of effort and hard work.

    Can't wait for Spring ball...

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    When will Highlands make the call to Coach Wolfe at Male? I am guessing after one more "down" season.

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    Why would he leave? He's on a talent gold mine at Male.