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I can tell from reading BGP most of you disagree with my sentiment here and stance on Commissioner Tackett and I think you are all wrong. I believe he is the 'adult in the room' and he did great work here.

I believe the vast majority of us Kentucky High School Football fans agree too many teams get in the playoffs in each class.

Additionally, we fans are all over the place on the number of classes we should have in Kentucky but six is certainly at the extreme high end in a state with only 222 schools playing football.

Doing some "simple math" here, when you combine too many teams getting into the playoffs in each class with a large number of classes (6) you ultimately have an overabundance of teams getting in the playoffs.

In any sport, when you have an overabundance of teams getting the playoffs, you are asking (no begging) for all kinds of issues including long travel, financial hardships, and of course a bunch of non-competitive games.

Before I go any further, I want to share this post from The Scribe that appeared in another thread on this topic:

You know what would reduce a lot of travel and keep some of the 0-10 and 1-9 teams out of the playoffs? Reverting back to four classes.

When you continually tweak the format, you are just admitting that the current way isn't working. How many tweaks were made from 1984-2006? One. Four teams from a district make the playoffs. That is all. Since the switch to six classes, we have seen cross-bracketing, to intra-district, to cross-bracketing, and now back to intra-district in the first round. We've seen state championship games moved to Sunday afternoon. We've seen first round byes. We've seen five teams in a district make the playoffs. We've seen a mandatory scheduling grid for regular season games. And we've seen rotating regions for first round games. It's just rearranging chairs on the six-class Titanic.

Back to theguru again, now ask yourself, why have all those tweaks been made? My assertion is because the Member Schools mostly wanted it that way. In other words, each school, Super, AD, Coach, etc. is looking out for their team, their school, what is in their best interests, and so on.

What we are left with is a system that has evolved in large part because of selfish motivations and we all know systems like that eventually fail.

So coming full circle here, Commissioner Tackett (and his predecessors) have been tweaking the system little by little in an attempt to placate "all" the member schools going ME ME ME!

At some point there has to be accountability for all the member schools looking out for number one instead of looking out for Kentucky High School Football as a whole.

Intra-District Playoffs is exactly the right solution to create that accountability.

Hey Kentucky High School Superintendents, Athletic Directors, Head Football Coaches, Powers that be...

All of you wanted more classes, wanted more teams in the playoffs, and wanted more opportunities for your school.

You got it!

Now, all of you can explain to all of your constituents, fans, parents, players, alum, etc. why you wanted this many classes and this many teams in the playoffs.

That is called accountability, thanks Commish, great work!