If you combined programs from two geographically close schools...

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    Good discussion but a couple things:

    First, Pike Central has definitely benefited from transfers. Some of the best players in PC's history were either transfers from out of the area or players who left the Belfry or Pikeville school districts seeking more playing time. Remember, of all the teams in Pike County only one has been hit with KHSAA sanctions for recruiting (and that's only in football).

    Secondly, let's not skim over the last bolded point. If you consolidated Jenkins, Phelps, and Betsy Layne and miraculously gave them the support, facilities, tradition of success, Coach Haywood in his prime, and a feeder program with years of success and experienced players and coaches... of course they would win.

    With that said, this is not an easy formula. In fact it is darn near impossible. It took Haywood how many years to win a State Title? To get a program to that type of level literally takes the perfect storm, a little luck, and a one in a thousand coach.
    I agree to a lot of this. Pike Central has had some problems lately....Didn't see the success or problems with Chris MacNamee...Wonder how Eric Ratliff will fare with the Hawks.

    On your last point, it took Jack Hall two years to capture the 64 crown. Delano Thomas made it there in six. Just a little pride in me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camelman View Post
    Holmes and Lloyd = Bullnauts
    I would like the athletes. My beloved E-town has become Covington South.

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    The Johnsonville Golden Tigers would be formidable in 4A, to say the least.
    They should have a good concession stand too....Brats!