I don't understand the logic behind this rocket science??

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    Quote Originally Posted by leatherneck
    BigZig, remember the date of November 18, 2005 for on that date you and I agreed on something. There may be a few other dates like that ( I doubt there will be many ) but there is no doubt that I agree with you today on the above post.

    Someone mentioned "today's generation" of head coaches wanting more classes so more kids get the opportunity to play in the playoffs. If that is the mentality of today's generation, maybe we should stop blaming all the big corporate execs for moving the jobs overseas and ask one another: can we blame them? Good lordy if this is the message we are teaching our kids: you don't have to work hard to succeed if you don't want to, we'll just measure success by lowering the bar, how in the heck can we expect these kids when the get into the workforce to be able to cut it.

    Suck it up, work harder, get it done or at least lose with nobility. Somebody is always going to lose and if you lose the game after having done it all, after having given it all, you've actually won! I am proud to have been on a state championship team my senior year, but I am equally proud of my junior year where we worked just has hard but didn't even make it to the playoffs. Honestly the lessons I learned that year may mean more to me than my senior year and the state title.
    :creepy: Sort of creepy isn't it. Finally another right thinking American. By the way you are not the 1st. Stickymitts has agreed with me on more then one ocassion but he hates to admit.
    As for your comments above, I could not agree with more. Good post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theguru
    If the goal is getting everyone to the postseason then KY can go the IN route and last time I checked it doesn't take sixteen weeks to play all the games.

    I guess using Beechwood as an example is a shot at me... For what it is worth I have been on a couple of football teams in my lifetime that never made the postseason.

    You are always going to have statistical anomalies like St. X/Trinity and some very small schools but you can't have the tail wagging the dog because of it. Besides, T and X are still going to be grouped with all of the crybaby schools anyway so nothing will change in the 6A class.

    Think about this (these numbers are off the top of my head) if these same rocket scientist proposing this garbage were in Ohio there would be something like 20 classes in football. If Ohio went to a 20 class football system they would be a laughingstock.

    All of this brings me to my point, if we are going to water our football titles down to the point of being a national laughingstock (BECAUSE SIZE DOES MATTER) why aren't the same rocket scientist looking to classify basketball for the same reason?

    Football and Basketball are different sports but the same logic still applies here and Pigskin said it better than I can so I am going to quote him:

    In basketball I can see only having two or maybe three classes at the most but you can't argue that size only matters in football and not basketball.

    All the one class basketball arguments remind of all the Bowl Champion Series garbage where everyone that benefits (this can be in several forms) from the current system gives the rest of us a million and one excuses why the BCS is the best way to do things when we all know D1 college football teams would be better served with a playoff system just like every other level of college, pro, and high school football.
    It is difficult to discuss things with people who have made up their mind without being involved in all of the discussion and only base their thoughts on the way it was when they were in school, etc.

    And this next comment is specific to football, not your basketball arguments. Every state association, according to the recent Dayton Daily information and other previous surveys, does its football different than its other sports as the numbers, while they may have an effect in all sports, have a more exponentiated impact in football due to the nature of the game. And with Indiana's five classes, it does take less than the sixteen or so weeks it would take to play a playoff system with everyone in, and very few classes. Bottom line, is those that the decision effects 100% think that more teams should be in, BUT they want to keep a ten game regular season schedule AND they do not want a bye in the brackets. So with those objectives conflicting, the path of change recommended as of now was increasing the number of classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner11

    I agree with many of your points and for football having 70, 100, however many you want to dress works. Most football teams have a staff of many coaches. In soccer there is no way to carry a team of 30 or 40 varsity and 30 or 40 JV. You covered the issues with basketball. We simply do not have the staff(usually a head coach varsity and a head coach JV) to be able to efficiently run a practice for that large a number of players, much less a game. I agree with you to an extent that high school sports are about learning and growing as a person, I disagree with the idea that they should be focused first on participation. That is what recreational and intramural leagues are for. Playing a sport for your school is a privilege not a right.

    Back on topic. Basketball has enough teams to seriously consider classification. I do think though that if you have ever participated in a non-class state championship tournament as either a player or a coach, you would realize how special that is. There is something magical about the sweet 16. Everyone plays everyone. I remember watching Cov Holy Cross, Paintsville, and Carlisle County have deep runs in the tourney and thinking how cool that must have been to know that your little school took on the best of the best and succeeded.
    I guess the only response I have to your post is that while I realize their are recreational and intermural sports, I am not in favor of the KHSAA limiting the number of kids able to dress on the sidelines. If you're good enough to be able to practice all year long with the team, than by gum, you should be able to dress for the games, even if you accomplish nothing other than getting your jersey dirty stretching. You've earned that benefit by being on the team.