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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonels_Wear_Blue View Post
    I think if there's any favorite in 5A, it's got to be Scott County coming down from 6A. The upperclassmen who are districted to Great Crossing in Scott County are not going to be forced to start at the new school, so I would assume that means most if not all of their sophomores and juniors from the 2018 season will be returning for 2019.
    For sure. It is actually kind of messed up. In what round would the Highlands/Cov Cath district meet up with Scott Co?

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    Boyle County had a few trophies being mailed to them this year including by me.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
    It should be pretty obvious why CovCath and Beechwood were picked to win. One, they both won the previous year, and two, this is an NKY dominated board. They will always get the benefit of the doubt even if they shouldn't.
    I don't know TheDeuce, these were pretty solid teams this past year no matter where they were located in the state . As far as BGP being dominated by NKY posters, who's fault is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLCat View Post
    Boyle County had a few trophies being mailed to them this year including by me.....
    I also mailed them a trophy. You just never know what can happen on a Friday night.