Frederick Douglas Lands a QB Transfer

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    I’m going to assume that when his family was house hunting they weighed their options in each school district before finding a house they were comfortable in.
    Very well put Sir. Very well.

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    He is a quality QB. Has a bit of a temper and control issues, but under John Paul Chapman it was controlled.
    LOL. I know Chapman personally. I guarantee he controlled his temper under JP.

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    Good luck to Jones. Hopefully this move increases his chances to play at the next level.

    Will be interesting to see how Jones does in a completely different talent pool and against significantly more difficult competition.

    Knott Central was in the weakest 3A District and played one of the State's weakest schedules and still only managed to finish below .500.

    At Frederick Douglass he will basically be asked to play at a game speed exponentially different than what he has seen at Knott Central.. but he will also be surrounded by significantly better talent. Will be a nice story line to follow to see how he takes.