Franklin-Simpson 34 Russellville 7

Page 2 of Final Russellville hung with FS till the 4th quarter. They will give Beechwood fits in the final 4.... 16 comments | 1569 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Cannot disagree with you, very possible that it will. If Russellville doesn't make the finals this year, it will be quite sometime till they will have a chance to get back. They graduate most of their team and from what I read on here, beechwood is loaded with younger talent.

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    Beechwood always seems to be loaded! Crazy how they consistently do what they do! In all honesty were looking at top 4 1A
    Paintsville & Raceland out of the East

    Russellville and Beechwood of the West
    Anything can happen on any given Friday night and with teams like these 4! The amount of talent/speed/athleticism we can only sort it out 1 game at a time on the grid iron! I just hope for the least amount of injuries as possible during the playoffs for All teams! I know first hand what can happen when a Key player is put out during playoffs!