Frankfort Panthers (5-2) this week will travel to play district foe Bracken County (0-7). These two teams have played a total of 7 times and the Panthers have each of the contest. The Panthers are on track to win their 9th straight district title. The Panthers haven’t lost a district game since 2005. (Lost to Danville 2005) Coach Foley says that his senior class takes pride in not wanting to lose a district game. Foley says he uses it as motivation to get his team to focus on the 3 most important games on the regular season schedule.

This season has been a difficult one for the Panthers and their 32 team roster. They have got hit hard by the injury bug. Things may be on the turnaround for the Panthers as they hope to see some of the guys return from injuries. Though the Panthers will be without the services of 2 Panthers for the remainder of the season, senior running back / defensive lineman Jalen Acree has torn his ACL for the second time in his high school career. Also with a season ending injury is junior Quarterback/Wide receiver / Defensive Back Deshawn Newton to a foot injury. Deshawn had surgery this week and will be out of action for 8 weeks. Acree will have surgery this week to repair his ACL.

As the Panthers return kids over the next couple of weeks Foley says his focus has to be to get these kids back into football shape. Some of them have not practiced in over a month. They have been rehabbing and mending. Also Foley says they will have to work quickly to get back up to speed with offensive and defensive schemes as things have changed due to having to adapt to being limited with personnel.

When asked Foley what his teams focus will be as they prepare this week for Bracken County, Coach Foley stated it would be his teams detail to little things. Over the last few weeks the coaches have had to coach kids on the fly as many young kids have been thrown to the fire. The Panthers will continue to slow down and focus on details and they prepare for the playoffs and also will start to add a few new wrinkles to the schemes.

Player Spot light
This week’s player spot light senior tight end/ linebacker Charles Pearl. Pearl is a two year player for the Frankfort Panthers. His first two seasons he played for Scott County, since arriving at Frankfort Charles Pearl has filled many of roles for the Panthers. He has been a utility guy for the Panthers as he has played several different positions. This season Pearl has played 4 different positions of the offensive side of the ball. He has lined up at tight end, full back, guard and wide receiver. Pearl is the type of kid all Coaches want, this season due to injury coaches went to him to ask him to move to play offensive line. His response is whatever I need to do to help us win coach. Charles Pearl has been unselfish putting his teams needs before his own. Last week Pearl scored his first touchdown of the season as he caught a touchdown pass in the third quarter of the Paris game. Pearls plans are unknown after football season. He knows he will attend college but uncertain where they may be. Charles Pearl is also a member of the Frankfort Baseball team.

Region Overview
District play has started from this point we will focus on both district 3 and 4 and discuss possible playoff match ups.

District 3 standings
Frankfort 5-2 1-0
Eminence 1-6 1-0
Paris 5-2 0-1
Bracken Co 0-7 0-1

District 4 Standings
Beechwood 5-2 1-0
Ludlow 5-2 1-0
Bellevue 4-4 0-1
Dayton 2-5 0-1

This week match ups:
Frankfort travels to Bracken Co. – Bracken is 0-7 on the season and also 0-7 lifetime versus the Panthers. Don’t see things changing this year either.

Prediction: Frankfort wins 54- 0

Paris travels to Eminence: Paris coming off a hard fought loss and Eminence coming off their first win of the season. I think Eminence success is short lived.

Prediction: Paris wins 36 – 0

Beechwood travels to Dayton – Dayton had upset hopes the last time the Tigers played at Dayton as the led the Tigers at halftime. That was two years ago, this year Tigers have a State Title in mind.

Prediction – Beechwood wins 64-0

Ludlow travels to Bellevue – The Ludlow Panthers are much improved from last season and they are focusing on the district crown. Bellevue coming off a tough loss last week hopes to rebound and get back in position to host a playoff game. This game looks to be the best one in the region this week and means a lot to both programs.

Prediction: Bellevue wins 24 – 20