Football practice in June

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    In June we'll go TWT. Lift from 8-9:15, speed and agility until 10:15, and practice until 11:30. Mix in a few 7v7 tournaments, a two day contact camp, and a 3 day FCA contact camp right before the July 4th break.

    We'll go to 5 days a week after the break.

    I'd like to get rid of the 7v7 tournaments and just do the contact camps, but I'm a DL guy.
    What state you in?

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    What state you in?

    One of those #extendeddaypay states.

    Georgia gets a one week dead period; usually the week of the 4th.

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    Ok I see where you coming from. But what about those who play other sports that don't do travel ball or AAU? What about the kids that have had to work? Noticed I said June helps some. Not to mention the kids that are not camping that I frankly don't trust outta my sight for a month. I'm not saying June is a cure all. But I can teach you a proper stance to run in, tricks of the trade to improve your time. Work on Tech/Timing with my QB. Improve route running wr. No difference than the QB like Deshaun Watson going out to Cali for 1 week with a coach.
    Complete difference...Deshaun Watson going out to work with a QB specialist for one week to fix throwing mechanics (instead of working on his own campus with his own coach) is not the same as Johnny working his pull steps 8-9 more times in high school. I am all for guys who wanna open the weight room/field for a couple of completely voluntary workouts in June. We will go 8 practices for the 1st two weeks of June and then we cut the kids loose for nearly a month. Between work/camps/vacations/watching little siblings/etc...having 25 kids from a 70 man roster isn't counter productive, but it's not going to get us past the semi-state either. Just saying.

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    Every school situation is completely different. I have seen places that want their players in the weight room every morning early and working so that it keeps the players from running around at all times of the night staying out of trouble. I have heard of other schools doing the opposite and being successful. But you will never convince me that kids can take June off with no weight room work or conditioning and roll in during July and not have injury problems and risk health concerns when conditioning. Not saying you need them there 5 days a week for 5 hours a day but a 90 minute lift with 1 hour on the field work 4 days a week will always benefit your team. It's not mandatory but your kids that aren't involved in other sports that don't show up until July tell me how they look the 1st 2 weeks of practice and how their bodies hold up coming down the stretch in November. Football is the most regulated sport in KY and we don't have the AAU 7 vs 7 leagues like other states do. Kids in basketball and baseball play games all year either for the school or for an AAU type team. Heck I coached a district game this season where the baseball team had a intersquad game with paid umpires that was still going on at kickoff. Football is not the reason why kids are over worked with all the regulations that are placed on practice. Coach your team how you want, practice them how you want, but the weight room is where games are won in the offseason and that's where I put my emphasis on players from January-July.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tall Trees View Post
    What state you in?
    Georgia, we're compensated by the boosters for our summer work although it doesn't add that much it's still nice to get something.

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    I have mixed feelings about June workouts for a variety of reasons. But, I do believe our plan for 2017 is a good one.

    Our assistant coaches will set up the one hour workouts for the month of June. Those will be 3 days a week and the kids wanted to go at 7 am. To make it more fun, competitive, and to provide extra incentive, our council members became "team captains" and drafted squads for the month of June. We met yesterday immediately after school to draft teams. I like my council and I think they will provide good leadership for our team in 2017.

    We will not require our basketball/baseball guys to attend in June, but they will get double points if they are there.

    We will workout our freshmen separately two evenings a week with our frosh staff. I don't want those kids standing in the back or getting left behind. Those guys are critical to our future. Keeping them separate makes sure they are getting coached and developed. Keeping the freshmen separate is a key part of player development for us. Other than in Class A/small schools, most quality programs keep their freshman separate to maximize the development and coaching of those kids... as opposed to having them left out or physically mismatched by the older kids.

    In this case, keeping the freshmen separate will make the June competition a little newer and fresher for them since they will do that 3 times as opposed to 4.

    Last year we had a good time when the winning team went out to eat together. June will be good and will help get us ready for a great 2017!

    Black Shoes and White ShoeStrings: June workouts....our approach for 217