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When National Sports Stations such as ESPN or FOX schedule High School Games, the purpose is often a little more abstract than simply highlighting two great teams. It is always about ratings and what will bring the most people to turn on their television to tune in. More often than not this means recruiting.As proud as many of us are about our favorite programs, in the end ESPN knows that a school with a fan base of 25,000 people will never override a single player who has multiple college.

Thus, a pre-requisite for making this list is the game must feature at least one FCS Level prospect.

The other aspect that plays into the selection of games will be the story line at hand. A High School game is a long broadcast for unfamiliar announcers and there is only so much fodder they can use or so much they can bring up recruiting. If a game features a compelling storyline it always appeals more. Some common themes are rivalries, history of producing NFL or College greats, current products of the school playing at the next levels, legendary coaches, historical records, etc.

The final thing to consider is travel logistics and venue. Frankly put it costs a lot of money for an ESPN to broadcast a game and a lot of behind the scenes work must go on to pull it off. Rarely will you see ESPN venture too far from a sizable city. When a large crew is needed for three or more days on site, it financially must make sense for them to be there.

With this in mind, let's look at the upcoming 2016 KY HS Season and select the Five Games that would be most fitting for a National Audience.

5. South Warren at Franklin-Simpson - South Warren has a pair of FCS prospects in CJ Haynes and Zach Haynes. Frnaklin-Simpson has one of the State's Top Line Prospects in Cole Kirby. The kicker though is Class of 2019 DT Jacob Lacey who has a good shot of being a major prospect. One knock though is geography. Franklin-Simpson is doable from Nashville, but a little more rural than ESPN would like.

4. Lexington Catholic at Ryle - Everyone loves a good QB battle and that is what you can expect in this one. Jack Fagot has turned heads this Summer and has began to garner attention. The headliner though will be Ryle's Tanner Morgan who has had a superb Summer and has seen his stock skyrocket. As an added bonus you can throw in LexCath OL Woodford Lankford. Lexington Catholic also affords extra time on air for the notable players that have went on, as well as coaches who have seen success around the country. With the game in the Cincy area it helps as well.

3. Male at Manual - From strictly a prospect standpoint this game isn't as notable as it has been in other years. DL Sean Cleasant and DB Bryce Cosby of Manual both check the box, but Male doesn't have the normal marquee name you expect. What the game lacks in starpower though it makes up in History and storylines. The state's oldest rivalry, numerous standouts at the professional level both on and off the playing field, and the added bonus of Male currently being the State's 6A Defending Champs. Louisville makes it an easy trip for ESPN or FOX as well.

2. Trinity at Lafayette - Having the large school flagship program for the State, and the school with the most renown name Nationally, certainly helps. Trinity's long history of ext level stars certainly helps feel the dead spaces in the conversation... just the name Brohm alone is worthy 25 minutes of discussion. Even though Trinity may not have their normal collection of D-1 recruits, Lafayette makes up for it with QB Walker Wood. The guy who makes it a no-brainer though? 5* All-American Jedrick Wills. Having Wills on by himself will guarantee a large television audience from fanbases scouting out the guy they hope to one day anchor their favorite teams' Oline

1. Belfry at Knoxville Catholic, TN - Six players with confirmed FCS Offers, four of which with Power 5 Offers. Defending State Champs from two different states. Super star Power in 4* WR Amari Rodgers (Clemson Commit), 4* OL Cade Mays (Tennessee Commit), and 3* OL Cole Bentley (over 20+ Offers and the #2 player in KY by most services). Sprinkle in favorable geography, legendary Head Coach Phillip Haywood, former NFL players from Knoxville Catholic, and you have yourself a dream matchup for a National Audience.