FCS schools signing Ky. kids (LOI's)

Page 2 of From what I can gather... EKU signed 5 Kentucky kids. S.E. Missouri State signed 3 Ky. kids (all from Louisville). Murray State signed ONE Ky kid out o... 16 comments | 1764 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    The new staff at EKU lived at our high school recruiting. 2nd day on the job Coach Elder was in our school. Every week after someone was in the halls. Years past could not even get them to answer the phone. Ben Madon from here ended up Being all conference but transferred in. Previous staff did not offer him. Coach Elder and his staff have made it known KY kids are his priority. What they can't get in KY they will look elsewhere.

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    With EKU's new head coach a Cincinnati guy I see them recruiting Cincinnati a lot more and hopefully NKY as well!