Email from Berea head coach Aaron Stepp

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    Email from Berea head coach Aaron Stepp

    Subject: 2019-2020 Games
    Wed, May 9, 2018 at 2:52pm


    Berea High School is located between the North American tectonic plate and the Caribbean tectonic plate. These plates meet under the Clays Ferry and run through the middle of Madison County. The shifting of these plates causes the constant movement of exit 76 off Interstate I-75.

    This information is scientifically evident by the fact that over the last ten years our district has shifted from the mountain district traveling as far as Campbellsville Ky, to the central Kentucky district traveling to Central Kentucky schools Bracken County and Bishop Brossart to now officially shifting to the Louisville area class A district.

    It is for these reasons that we are looking for competitive games that are within a one day traveling distance. Also, if any of you have any information regarding gas vouchers please do not hesitate to contact me as we are anticipating that the next seismic shift will place us in the Class A district with Fulton County and Crittenden County.

    If you are interested in playing, please contact me privately at [email address].

    PS: If you are a district opponent for the 2019-2020 playing seasons please be patient with us and give us until Sunday morning when we return home to get our game footage exchanged with you via hudl.


    Aaron Stepp
    Head Football Coach
    Berea High School
    Home of the (perpetually moving) Pirates.

    GO PIRATES! (Literally)!

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    He has a point, but, to be fair, Berea is kind of on a 1A island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehotsnakes View Post
    He has a point, but, to be fair, Berea is kind of on a 1A island.
    Yup.. without making a 3 team District there really is no solution that doesn't give another team the shaft even worse than Berea.

    The only District that makes sense is for them to join in witht he Southern KY guys (Williamsburg, Lynn Camp, etc).. but once again you can't do it without shuffling someone else completely out of the way