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Page 2 of If a coach at a school gets let go and they have a child at that school, can they transfer due to their parent moving jobs? I wonder how many questions... 16 comments | 1493 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Might wanta contact Mr Bilberry at Khsaa. I was a coach at one school and my son played at another. Bona-fide change of address is the only thing that would allow him to play at my school with out loss of eligibility. Per the horse's mouth
    You coached at a different school but we're you also employed by that same school? That might be the difference.

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    No but asked if I my wife who is at and employed at another school could he go there as ND was told.yes but he would be ineligible. Bona-fide change of address was the only reason to get a transfer without much of a ruling. Rulings are not transparent so if they decide one is okay and one is not THEY MAKE THAT DECISION WITH NO QUESTIONING