Dunbar-Henry Clay

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    Henry Clay - 34
    Dunbar - 28

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    Quote Originally Posted by fbcoach77
    KD I can't help but sense sarcasm in your statement about HC and PLD. Let me remind you that you struggle EVERY year with Scott Co. They were the 4th place team in this district this year ( you won in OT), won it last year ( you won after their best player was hut) and the year before when they didn't make the playoffs they beat you I believe and they were the 5th best team in that district. I would be careful what I wished for, there is a big difference in playing these type teams week in week out. Also PLD has better special teams by far, HC has a MUCH better D-line.

    Now as for a prediction I would say if HC has the right attitude and they come to play, HC will win and probably by a few TD's to make a statement.

    Good luck to both teams.
    If you have been following my posts regarding Henry Clay you would know that I was on their bandwagon until the Dunbar game. At least that was my first negative post about them. I don't like Dunbar as much but don't see why you would consider my post sarcastic. LexCath has played 4A teams; Trinity (scrimmage) St. X. and Scott County each of the past three years and collectively these have been our toughest games along with the playoff games against NKy teams ( no sarcasm). As for Scott County, I think they played Dunbar pretty well this year also despite their fourth place finish. Last year they were a little better than this I believe (this is sarcasm- they were great). I don't like nor do I root for all the Lexington teams only Lafayette, Bryan Station and LCA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandlot
    You are wise beyond your years.... too bad your golf game is so far behind mine.
    Didn't Brady beat you with his Toys R Us golf clubs?

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    Stick to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderstruck
    As a fan of a team that HC beat I would like to see them win...good luck blue devils

    Same here

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    ^ im glad to see some people are rooting for us.