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In today's spread 'em out and toss it around football culture, sometimes even the idea of a fullback seems odd. To think that the key to stopping a team on offense could be to stop the fullback seems almost foreign. But when it comes to Belfry, that is where you had better start.

Belfry's success on offense often can be judged by watching the fullback and looking at his stats. Even if the FB isn't getting many yards, he is doing his job if he makes the defense collapse on him, and sometimes that can be an overlooked nuance of Belfry's game. Now, if the fullback is getting 12-15 carries a game for 100 yards or more, then more than likely the Pirates are doing just about whatever they want to do on offense. When those guys playing that throwback position average over 5 yards a carry, it sets up so many things for your offense, not the least of which is favorable down and distance on 2nd and 3rd down.

It is easy to watch Belfry play and think their offense is out-dated, boring or simple. I sometimes get a kick out of hearing fans question why they run the fullback so much. Looking back over the last 6 years, Belfry's fullbacks have been stirring the drink for the Pirates. That is a big reason for their success in this incredible run they have been on.

Some notable facts...

Championship Games
During the last 3 championship games, Belfry's fullbacks have combined for 83 carries for 563 yards. 6.78 YPC
Austin Hatfield (2012-2014) had 70 carries for 459 yards in 3 state championship games. 6.56 YPC
Andrew Fletcher and Derrick Wellman combined for 29 carries for 204 yards in 2015 championship game. 7.03 YPC

Season Totals
2010 - 153 carries for 900 yards 5.88 YPC (Trey Willis)
2011 - 180 carries for 1158 yards 6.43 YPC (Trey Willis and Austin Hatfield)
2012 - 100 carries for 840 yards 8.40 YPC (Austin Hatfield)
2013 - 167 carries for 1142 yards 6.84 YPC (Austin Hatfield and Andrew Fletcher)
2014 - 264 carries for 1890 yards 7.16 YPC (Austin Hatfield and Andrew Fletcher)
2015 - 238 carries for 1574 yards 6.61 YPC (Andrew Fletcher and Derrick Wellman)

Total - 1102 carries for 7504 yards 6.81 YPC over the past 6 years.