I wanted to share this with all on here in our BGP Community. As all of you on here know, DeSales and Mayfield, located hundreds of miles apart, played each other for the first time in this past years state semi finals. What you do not know is what that first time meeting led to off the field. Earlier this week the Mayfield Community was struck by a F-3 tornado, no not a Tilghman Tornado, the real McCoy. Word quickly spread of the strike and the next morning I got a text message form a DeSales parent who I met on this very message board asking if we were all safe. I quickly responded with a picture of the twister that my daughter took and told him yes my family and friends were all safe but there were some injuries and a fair amount of destruction. He then told me that the DeSales Football Community wanted to help and were organizing a group to come down and help with clean up, bring supplies and monetary help. He again text telling me that the DeSales School system was onboard sending out notices with each child and alumni of how they can help with the relief effort. I might add that the hardest hit residential area is in an area that is of lesser income families so this is a huge help to those families.

This all started from a football game and from that it has turned into helping others far away in their time of need. This shows how football extends into so many other areas of our lives and teaches kids life lessons. It is also very telling of what kind of community DeSales has. God Bless DeSales! What a great example they are setting for all leading by example is the best life lesson there is.