Complete 2018 high school game log

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    Complete 2018 high school game log

    Game 1
    At Turtle Creek, Pa,(Wolvarena)(First Time There)
    Total cost and miles 336.6 miles 51.61 Cost
    1-Never Fear 15
    2-The Movement 00

    Game 2
    At Lexington High School,Ohio
    Total Cost and Miles Miles 117.6 Cost 17.71
    3- South 38
    4-North 7

    Game 3
    At St. Marys West Virginia
    Total cost and miles 221.6 Cost 21.65
    5-Ohio 47
    6-West Virginia 13

    Game 4 Fortress Obetz
    Total cost and miles Miles 61 Total cost 13.88
    7-Red 10
    8-White 00

    Game 5 Newark White Filed
    Total cost and miles 21.7 @ food 12.21
    9-Muskingum Valley 28
    10-Licking County 13

    Game 6 (Reilly Field/Salem,Ohio) FIRST TIME THERE
    Total cost and miles/ Miles 290.8 Cost 23.02
    11-Ohio 22
    12-Pa. 20

    Game 7(At Perryburg)
    Total Cost And Miles/ Miles 322.6/cost 28.56

    13-Black Team 21
    14-Gold Team 7

    Game 8 At New Philly
    Total Cost And Miles 180.9 Cost 21.31
    15-West 20
    16-East 10

    Game 9 At Canton GlennOak(First Time There)
    Total Cost and Miles 243.5 Cost 26.13
    17-East 21
    18-West 14
    Grid Games (4 GAMES ONE TRIP)
    Total Coast/miles 384/Gas,Tickets,Food and Hotel 132.11
    Game 10 (at East Carter High School,Ky/First time there)
    19-Greenup County,Ky 26
    20-West Carter,Ky 17

    Game 11
    21-East Carter,Ky 48
    22- Fairview, Ky 00

    Game 12(At Russell High School,Ky/First Time There)
    23-Lewis County,Ky 34
    24-Boyd County, Ky 21(First Time Seeing)

    Game 13
    25-Russell, Ky 13
    26-Rowan County,Ky 6
    Regular Season
    (Total cost for games 14-19 all one trip Total cost(384.00) 1,097.7 Miles Total Cost

    Game 14 (At Tennessee Chattanooga University)
    25-Chattanooga Central 40(First Time Seeing)
    26-Walker Valley (Cleveland, TN) 28(First Time Seeing)

    Game 15(At Tennessee Chattanooga University)
    27-Chattanooga Baylor 35(First Time Seeing)
    28-Chattanooga Notre Dame 14(First Time Seeing)

    Game 16 (At Lincoln County, Ky)
    29-Somerset 41
    30-Lincoln County 00

    Game 17(@ Lincoln County)
    31-Bourbon County 26
    32Clay County 13

    Game 18(@ Madison Central)
    33-Lexington Catholic 51(First Time Seeing)
    34-Madison Southern 12 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 19(@ Madison Central)
    35-Madison Central 23(First Time Seeing)
    36-Shelbyville Collins 7

    Game 20(At Maysville)total price(Gas, Tickets and Program)11.63 62.6 miles
    37-Newark Catholic 17
    38-Maysville 13

    (Games 21-26 all on trip at Turtle Crrek Pa Wolvarena Stadium
    Total price Gas And Food 80.48 Total Miles 259.2 Total Cost

    Game 21
    39-Peters Township,PA 43(First Time Seeing)
    40-West Toronto Prep, Canada 7 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 22
    41- Pittsburgh Central Catholic 24
    42-Erie Cathedral Prep 21(First Time Seeing)

    Game 23- (6 minute running 3rd and 4th quarter)
    43-Imani Christian Academy,Pa 80(First Time Seeing)
    44-Richard Wright Public Charter School 6(First Time Seeing)

    Game 24
    45-McKeesport, Pa 45(First Time Seeing)
    46-Erie,Pa 26(First Time Seeing)

    Game 25
    47-Aliquippa 48
    48-McKinley Tech, D.C. 00(First Time Seeing)

    Game 26-(Total cost so far 795.74)
    49-Woodrow Wilson, D.C.20(First Time Seeing)
    50-Woodland Hills, Pa 7(First Time Seeing)

    Game 27 (Total Cost/Gas/Tickets/Food/Drink/Miles 145.7 Miles Total Price 29.40
    At Caldwell/Noble County Fairgrounds/Total Price season 825.14
    51-Caldwell 38
    52-Reedsville Eastern 6

    Game 28 (Total Cost/Tickts/Gas/Food Total miles 54.1 Total Price)27.88
    At Hartley High School(Total Price season 853.02)
    53-Hartley 51
    54-Wheelersburg 20

    Games 29 & 30 Same trip(Total Cost/Gas/Tickets/Food/Drink/Total Miles 320.5 Total 32.28)885.30 Total For Season
    At Cleveland Central Catholic(First Time There)
    55-Mentor Lake Catholic 45
    56-Cleveland Central Catholic 6(First Time Seeing)

    Game 30(At Sandusky Cedar Point Stadium/First Time There)
    57-Monroeville 28(First Time Seeing)
    58-Sandusky St. Mary's 16(First Time Seeing)

    Game 31 At Grove City High School(Total price & Miles 10.80/79.2 Miles(Total For Year 896.10)
    59-Central Crossing 38(First Time Seeing)
    60-Grove City 14

    Game 32 (At Wellston High school/First time there/ Road closure added miles
    Total Miles 195.5 Total Cost 24.90(Season Total Money 921)
    61-Paint Valley 21
    62-Wellston 00

    Game 33 At Bellaire/Nelson Field 202.6 miles Total cost 12.31/Yearly cost 933.31
    63-Bellaire 14
    64-Harrison Central 7

    Game 34 At White Filed,Newark Miles 19.9 Cost 4.24 Yearly Cost 937.55
    65-Columbus Academy 16
    65- Newark Catholc 14(2 Times this season)

    Game 35 (AT St. Mary's WV)
    66-Ritchie County, WV 24(First time seeing)Total Miles and cost Miles 228.1 Total Cost 13.48/Yearly Cost 951.03
    67-St. Mary's WV 21

    Games 36-40 One Trip(Muncie, Indiana)Total Miles 374.7 Total Cost(Gas/Food/Hotel 68.12 Year to date 1,019.15
    Game 36
    At Delta High School
    69-Delta,Ind 49(First Time Seeing)
    70-Mt Vernon, Ind 14(First Time Seeing)

    Game 37(37-39 at Ball State University)
    71-Bedford, Ind 70(First Time Seeing)
    720-Alexandria 52(First Time Seeing)

    Game 38
    73-Eastbrook, Ind 52(First Time Seeing)
    74-Oak Hill, Ind 20 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 39
    75-Mississinewa, Ind 58(First Time Seeing)
    76-Madison Grant 00(First Time Seeing)

    Game 40
    77-Frankton, Ind 22(First Time Seeing)
    78-Elwood, Ind(First Time Seeing) 15

    Game 41 At Miami East(First Time There) (Total Miles 206 Total cost 17.37 Gas/Food)Total Yearly Price 1,036.52
    79-Miami East 52(First Time Seeing)
    80-Bethel 28 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 42 At Arlington High School/First Time There( Total Miles 229.5 And cost 13.50)Total Yearly price 1,050.02

    81-McComb 39 (First Time Seeing)
    82-Arlington 12 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 43 & 44 Same trip
    Total miles 265.3 Total price 26.88 Yearly Price 1.076.90

    Game 43 @ Bellaire
    82-Bellaire 41(2 Times this season)
    83-Buckeye Local 6 (First time seeing)

    Game 44 @ Glouster
    84- Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 21
    85 Trimble 20

    Game 45 @ Brookville Total Miles 220.6 Total Cost 17.71 Yearly Cost 1,094.61
    86-Brookville 48
    87-Dayton Oakwood 149First Time Seeing)

    Games 46-50 Was all one trip Total Miles 394.4 Total Price 86.60 Yearly price 1,181.21

    Game 46 At Cupples Stadium, Pittsburgh/First Time There
    88-Brashear 27 (First Time Seeing)
    89-Westinghouse 14(First Time Seeing)

    Game 47 At Elizabeth Forward High School, Pa/First Time There
    90-Elizabeth Forward 25 (First Time Seeing)
    91-Derry 22 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 48(At Western Beaver,Pa(First Time There)
    92-Ellwood City Lincoln 27 (First Time Seeing)
    93-Western Beaver 21 0T(First Time Seeing)

    Game 49-(At Moon High School.Pa/First Time There
    94-Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 56 (First Time Seeing)
    95-Laurel 13(First Time Seeing)

    Game 50(At Beaver High School, Pa/First Time There
    96-Beaver 49(First Time Seeing)
    97-Ringgold 7 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 51(At Twin Valley South/First Time There)244.6 Miles 14.49 Price Yearly Cost 1,195.70
    98-Twin Valley South 22(First Time Seeing)
    99-Tri-Village 16

    Game 52 At Paint Valley Total Miles 141.1 Total Cost 9.12 Yearly Cost 1,204.82
    99-Paint Valley 28 (2 Times)
    100-Zane trace 3

    Game 53 & 54 part of same trip Total Miles 224 Total Cost 23.09(Food included) Yearly price 1,297.81
    Game 53
    At Parkersburg Catholic,WV(First Time There)
    101-Ritchie County,WV 46(First Time Seeing)
    102-Calhoun, WV 6(First Time Seeing)

    Game 54 (At Millersport High School)
    103-Grove City Christian 54
    104-Fairfield Christian Academy 7

    Game 55 At Kenton Ridge/First time there Total Miles 161.7 Total Cost 10.09 Yearly Price 1,307.90
    105-Kenton Ridge 47(First Time Seeing0
    106-Shawnee 30

    Game 56 At Meadowbrook High School Total miles 110.9 Total Cost 10.38 Yearly price 1,318.28
    107-Byesville Meadowbrook 48
    108-Riverview 7

    Games 57 & 58 part of same trip Total Miles 318.5 Total Price 26.13 Yarly total 1,344.41
    Game 57 at Weirton(WV) (FIRST TIME THERE)
    109-Madonna, WV 26(First Time Seeing)
    110-Van,WV 12(First Time Seeing)

    Game 58 At Lucas High School (FIRST TIME THERE)
    111-Lucas 40
    112-Aiken 6

    Game 59 At Westerville South Total Miles 74.1 Total Price 4.49 Total yearly cost 1,348.90
    113-Westerville Central 35
    114-Westerville South 23

    Game 60 At Ironton High school Total Miles(Only drove to Wheelersburg)216.1 Total Cost 14.52 Yearly Price 1,363.42
    115-Gallia Academy 36(First Time Seeing) Flea Flicker for the win
    116-Ironton 33

    Game 61 & 62 part of same trip)Total Miles 194.7 Total Cost 18.18 Yearly Cost 1,381.60
    117-Wheeling Central Catholic 32
    118-West Portsmouth 30

    Game 62 At Tuscarawas Central Catholi(First Time There)
    119-Tuscarawas Central Catholic 33
    120-Malvern 12

    Game 63 At Lancaster High School Total Miles 34.7 Total Price 1.95 Yearly Price 1,382.45
    Game 61
    121-Reynoldsburg 28
    122-Lancaster 7

    Game 64 At Whitehall Total Miles 54.8 Total Cost 3.63 Yearly Price 1,386.08
    123-Whitehall 34
    124-London 15

    Game 65 & 66 At Akron Buchtel(First Time There)
    (Part Of Same Trip) Total Miles 321 Total Price 30.82 Yearly price 1,416.16

    125-Akron Buchtel 28
    126-Akron East 12

    Game 66 At Salem
    127-Salem 30
    128 West Branch 20(First Time Seeing)
    Game 67 At Chillicote Total Miles 110.8 Total Price 7.96 Yearly Price 1,424.12
    128-Paint Valley 39(3 Times)
    129-Grandview Heights 36

    Game 68 & 69 Part of same triip Total Miles 320.7 Total Price 25.42 Yearly Price 1.449.54
    Game 68 (At Gilmour Academy/First Time there)
    130-Gilmour Academy 43(First Time Seeing)
    131-Columbiana Crestview 21(First Time Seeing)

    Gam3 69 (At Clear Fork/First Time There)
    132-Clear Fork 20
    133-Bryan 6 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 70-81 All one trip Total miles 1,370 Total cost 390.00 Yearly Price 1,841.49 All games at the Uni Dome Cedar Falls, Iowa First time there First time seeing
    134-Rockford,Iowa 52
    135-Southeast Warren, Liberty Center, Iowa 19

    Game 71
    136-New London, Iowa 60
    137-Fremont-Mills, Tabor, Iowa 54 (OT)

    Game 72
    149- Cedar Rapids Xavier,Iowa 37
    150-Lewis Central,Iowa 13

    Game 73
    151-Western Dubuque 35
    152-Sergeant Bluff-Luton,Iowa,Iowa18

    Game 74
    153-Hudson 35,Iowa
    154 West Hancock,Iowa 28

    Game 75
    155-Avoca AHSTW,Iowa 39
    156-Edgewood-Colesburg,Iowa 12

    Game 76
    157-West Des Moines Dowling Catholic,Iowa 41
    158-Bettendorf 34,Iowa (4OT)

    Game 77
    159-Cedar Falls,Iowa 26
    160-Southeast Polk,Iowa 12

    Game 78
    161-PCM Monroe,Iowa 27
    162-West Liberty,Iowa 0

    Game 79
    163-Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley,Iowa 48
    164-Waukon,Iowa 12

    Game 80
    165-West Sioux, Hawarden,Iowa 38
    166-Van Meter,Iowa 35

    Game 81
    167-Dike-New Hartford,Iowa 34
    168-Pella Christian 21,Iowa

    Game 82 At Fulton Field Lancaster, Ohio Total Miles 34.1 Total Price 1.95 Yearly Price 1.843.44
    168-Columbus Estmoor Academy 20(First Time Seeing)
    169-Thornville Sheridan 14

    Game 83-86 All at heinz Field Pittsburgh,Pa Total Miles 314.1 Total cost 34.05 Yearly Price 1877.49

    Game 83
    169-Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Coraopolis, PA)28(2 Times)
    170-Rochester, Pa 6(First Time Seeing)

    Game 84
    170-Aliquippa,Pa 42 (2Times)
    170-Derry, Pa 19 (2 Times)

    Game 85
    171-South Fayette (McDonald, PA) 31(First Time Seeing)
    172-Thomas Jefferson (Jefferson Hills, PA) 24

    Game 86
    173-Pine-Richland (Gibsonia, PA) 34
    174-Seneca Valley (Harmony, PA) 7 (First Time Seeing)

    Game 87-92 All one trip at Lucas Oil Field Total Miles 445.6 Total price 109.52 Yearly Total 1987.01
    175-Western Boone, Ind 34(First Time Seeing)
    175-Eastbrook,Ind 20(2 Times)

    Game 88
    176-Ft. Wayne Dwenger, Ind 16(First Time Seeing)4 OT
    177-Evansville Central, Ind 10

    Game 89
    178-Warren Central, Ind 27
    179-Carmel, Ind 7(First Time Seeing)

    Game 90
    180-Pioneer, Ind 60(First Time Seeing)
    181-North Vermillion 00(First Time Seeing)

    Game 91
    182-West Lafayette, Ind 47(First Time Seeing)
    183-Evansville Memorial,Ind 42(First Time Seeing)

    Game 92
    184-New Palestine, Ind 28 (First Time Seeing)
    185-Decatur Central, Ind 14 (First Time Seeing)

    Games 93-100 all one trip all at Tennessee Tech University 818.6 miles Total Cost 220.69 yearly Total 2207.70
    Game 93 At Tenn Tech (First Time There)
    186-Peabody(TN) 17(First Time Seeing)
    187-Trousdale County 7(First Time Seeing)

    Game 94
    188-Greeneville, Tn 56(First Time Seeing)
    189-Haywood. Tn 21(First Time Seeing)

    Game 95
    190-Oakland,Tn 37(First Time Seeing)
    191-Whitehaven, Tn 00(First Time Seeing)

    Game 96
    192-Davidson Academy, Tn 39(First Time Seeing)
    193-Friendship Christian,Tn 29(First Time Seeing)

    Game 97
    194-Christ Presbyterian Academy,Tn 41(First Time Seeing)
    195-Battle Ground Academy,Tn 21(First Time Seeing)

    Game 98
    196-Brentwood Academy,Tn 28
    197-Memphis University, Tn 6(First Time Seeing)

    Game 99
    198-Whitwell,Tn 7(First Time Seeing)
    199-Cornersville, Tn 6(First Time Seeing)

    Game 100
    200-Alcoa,Tn 21(First Time Seeing)
    201-Covington, Tn 14(First Time Seeing)

    Games 101-106 all one trip/840.6 Miles Total Cost 147.06 Yearly price 2,354.76 Total Miles 11,546.6
    Game 101
    202-Farrell (Pa) 55(First Time Seeing)
    203-Lackawanna Trail(Pa) 20(First Time Seeing)

    Game 102
    203-Cathedral Prep,(Pa) 38(2 TIMES)
    204-Imhotep Charter.(Pa) 7(First Time Seeing)

    Game 103
    205- Southern Columbia Area(Pa)49(First Time Seeing)
    206-Wilmington Area,(Pa)14(First Time Seeing)

    Game 104
    207-Penn Hills(Pa) 36(First Time Seeing)
    208- Manheim Central(Pa) 31(First Time Seeing)

    Game 105
    208-Aliquippa(Pa) 35(3 Times)
    209-Middletown(Pa) 00 (First Time Seeing

    Game 106
    210-St. Joseph's Prep(Pa) 40 (First Time Seeing)
    211-Harrisburg(Pa) 20 (First Time Seeing)

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    That is super impressive

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    Who do you think, using the eye test, was the best team you saw?

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    Best offensive player?

    Best defensive player?

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    I will go small school and big school.

    Small school-Pioneer, Ind
    I think they could play with any school their size in any of the states I got to this year.

    Big school-St. Joseph's Prep(Pa)
    Again i think they can play with all bigger schools, from any state I went to this year.

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    Players are a lot harder but I will say Beau Allen(Lexington Catholic)was the best QB I watched this year.

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    That is insane. You live the life @newarkcatholicfan. Super jealous here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mediocre Nachos View Post
    That is insane. You live the life @newarkcatholicfan. Super jealous here.
    I take my hobby to another level.Plus being single and zero interest in changing that makes going to the game very easy. Working full time makes it challenging at times.