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Let's do the same thing with our smaller 1A and 2A programs:

Mayfield= UCLA Basketball (60's and 70's)
Have to throw a curve ball because frankly speaking no college football run of dominance matches what the Cardinals have done over the past 10 years. Mayfield is simply dominant in every form or fashion right now. Their loss to Hazard in the 2011 Finals compares to UCLA losing in 1974, the seemingly only blemish in an otherwise historic run.

Danville= Texas
Everyone knows their name and everyone respects it and remembers fondly of specific teams and players who made them elite. With that said, recent history has been unkind. A legendary Head Coach may have held on just a little too long and now they are left rebuilding while teams in their own backyard draw from their talent pool. The bright side is with a program liek Texas it is never a question of "If" but rather "when" the Ads will be back at the pinnacle.

Beechwood= Florida
Much like Florida under Spurrier and Urban Meyer, under Mike Yeagle the Beechwood Tigers were as much of juggernaut as one could imagine. In the wake of their legendary coach leaving things were not the same. Always a "good" team, they have struggled to find their step against other Elite teams. In 2015 things seemed to be on the right track and a new optimism surrounds the program, but key players missing derailed their title hopes.

Pikeville= Florida State(Up to 2013)
Historically a strong and consistently good program, they had a single stretch of dominance over 20 years ago that they never could sustain. Numerous near misses cost them Title aspirations with teams good enough to take home the hardware, namely Florida (Beechwood). Now that their program has equaled, or even passed Florida, they were able to hoist the much missed hardware and feel confident moving forward.

NewCath= Auburn
A program with decades of elite success, unfortunately they have came up just short many more times than they won it all. Auburn has hoisted hardware and been the best team several times in a wide period of time, and you know they will always be in the thick of the race until the end of the season. No matter how many times they change their coach, they still somehow find a way to avoid true rebuilding years.

DeSales= TCU
It's not that their football history has been bad for the entirety of the DeSales program, but their relevance has been determined by the elite level they have competed at over the recent years. A small private school that rapidly ascended once the perfect fit of a Head Coach came in place and the administration got on board. In a 10 year window they have achieved many things numerous programs haven't came close to touching. Much like TCU as well, conference realignment has somewhat slowed this progress and new powerhouses stand in their way of post season path.

Murray= Washington
A program always in that "Second tier" behind the powerhouses, they have put together some strong seasons and scared the daylights out of eventual Champions, but with the exception of one year have never pieced it all together to win the Title.

Somerset= Texas A&M
Just hearing the name you fully expect that somewhere along the past 50 years they have won a Championship, but you would be wrong. So many times the #2 or #3 team but just a close loss away from glory. A program steep with history and tradition, just not the trophy case to match it.

Hazard= Montana
Need to go to FCS for the best comparison here. Montana was a good program who took the next step and enjoyed a solid run of playing at an elite level. Much like Montana though, Hazard could only turn that stretch into one Title despite a bevy of runner-up finishes. Montana has seen other powers regain form around them in the very recent present and now must fight to regain their foothold at the top.

LCA= Boise State
A relative newcomer to the FBS Big Stage, Boise State had all the right pieces to do amazing things over a 4 year stretch. They had next level talent and an Offense that could still run you to death despite spreading you out. Just as soon as they exploded, they have seemingly subsided. Realignment has not been especially kind and despite pre-season predictions and early starts, they have struggled to even come close to the level of play needed to contend for a Title.

Glasgow= Iowa
The forgotten strong team. Not really the household name across the landscape as you would expect, their lack of a Championship in the modern era has largely defined them. Always smashmouth and always seemingly good for finishing among the tops in their conference. Geography has not been the most friendly in getting their name out.

Russellville= Penn State
Another team who's historical laurels are overshadowed. People forget how elite the Russellville program was a few decades back, instead seeing shortened post season pushes greatly influenced by elite powerhouses in their way.

Owensboro Catholic= Oklahoma State
Not even the most recognized program in their own backyard, yet another program that probably doesn't get the respect it deserves for a lengthy period of sustained success. They have competed near the top in several different instances, but just have struggled to get over the hump. The Spread Offense has been good in the past 10-15 years, and few do it as well as them, but the Championship just hasn't came to fruition.