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Belfry= Nebraska (1990's)
Lots of easy comparisons here. "The Big Red" had a historic run at the very elite of levels, despite an Offense most deemed as "primitive". A rabid and loyal fanbase and a nasty Defense were their calling cards under an aging but legendary coach. Much like Tom Osborne, what will happen once Haywood retires?

Boyle County= Louisville
Bare with me here... this comparison isn't about Championships. Much like Louisville Boyle had an unprecedented run under a specific Coach and elevated themselves well beyond past levels. Even once that Coach moved on to the next level, they sustained success and even came back to similar heights in a smaller window. The Head Coach has now returned as they try to catch lightning in a bottle again, but it is too early to know if it will happen again.

Central= Miami (Late 80's/Early 90's)
When the right Coach arrives and the talent stays home great things can happen. An ultra athletic and dominating Defense and speed every where led them to a historic run. Other top programs had to bring their level up, and slowly the talent has stepped off. The big question is will Scroggins stay or will some smart team on the next level scoop him away?

Bell County= Florida (Pre Urban Meyer)
Good for a long time... borderline great. A Head Coach brought them to their highest levels that people generally viewed as a bit of a jerk. After reaching the pinnacle he went to the next level and the program dipped.

Corbin= Michigan
Consistently very good team over many decades. Always a contender, but rarely the Champion. After piddling along and a handful of coaching changes they made a major hire and optimism is at an all-time high. Will the new Coach lead them to a title?

Paducah Tilghman= Miami (Post Early 90's)
Whereas Central represents the glory days of The U..Tilghman gets the years on. They have had some fine moments and even won a Title, but even despite coaching changes they just can't seem to come close to finding their stride again. People boldly predict they are "back", especially after early season wins... but discipline issues and general sloppy football has doomed them against powerful Conference foes and their in-state rivals. The talent is always there if they can just find the recipe that works again.

Bardstown= Pitt
People forget how good this program has been at times. Once regarded as one of the truly elite, they have fell into a state of "good but not great" purgatory. Coaches have revolved and fanbase support is not what it once was.

Russell= Penn State
A legendary Coach who was heavily respected seemingly stayed forever until a very prompt exit that left a foul taste in many people's mouths. The new Coach brings a ton of energy and
and a different style, but as of now it is still to be determined if he is the right fit as they have yet to really emerge as a true contender.

Garrard County= Mississippi State
A program that has always been solid, but completely overwhelmed by a tough District and Region. When they are great, a blue blood seems to have a great team to offset them and hold them just shy of their goal.

I want to hear who you would compare the Knights to?