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Highlands= USC
The History is undeniable, and their great teams are revered as legends. A program that most envy and a long history of sending players to the next level where they become iconic. A bit of uncertain times that circle around Head Coaching, but a program that the safe money would be that they will not stay down long.

Bowling Green= Florida (pre-2010)
A program nearly all respects and most consider a powerhouse, but their trophy case had not reflected that. Then suddenly they took the next step and became the pre-eminent program for a stretch of time with a multitude of weapons.

Pulaski County= Tennesse (1990's)
A solid program that has taken it to the next level. Known for elite QB's who put up massive stats, they were as good as anyone for about a 4-5 year window but only hoisted one trophy to show for it. Will they be able to sustain success or will the other powerhouses in their Conference take back over?

Owensboro= Oklahoma
History rich and consistently a Top 20 team for decades, after a long patch of falling into a "good, but not great" era they have seemingly began to compete for Championships once more. Still seemingly not quite to the elite level needed.

Covington Catholic= UCLA
A nice program and a quality school, but with the exception of a couple outlying years they simply cannot get to the level of their hated rival. Everyone knows their name, but they are second fiddle to the powerhouse up the road.