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First and foremost this in jest...


Male= Ohio State
One of the most respected programs on the whole landscape, their tradition is deep and lengthy. A long drought of seeing the other Blue Blood take their spot finally came to an end with a new Coach and a new energy.

Lafayette= Clemson
The talent is undeniable. Loaded with talent that will be starring at the next level, they have finally seemingly gotten over the hump and a Championship finally seems a real possibility. Will they seize the trophy in 2016 or will it just be another let down?

Trinity= Alabama
Every year you almost have to pencil them as the #1 or #2 team and most years they live up to the hype. Some new blood have left them a little off their dominant form, but they still remain the pinnacle program with a legendary coach. Speaking of that legendary Coach, much like Saban there seem to be a rumor every year of his pending departure and every year he stays in place.

St. Xavier= Notre Dame
An elite program in every sense of the word with a massive fanbase and advantages many programs cannot aspire to. With that said, a Championship seems further and further away and even with realignment and changing Conferences they just seem to always fall in the big game.Every year begins with optimism and ends with falling short of their goal.

Simon Kenton= Baylor
This new blood program had decades of bad football and has burst on the scene as one of the hot new names in recent years. An Offensive juggernaut they have mowed down lesser competition and posted gaudy win totals. This regular season success has not translated to post season Championships and they are best remembered for their losses than their wins come November, in particular blowout losses on the biggest stage.

McCracken County= Ole Miss
You know they have the Athletes, you expect big things, people predict them as the darkhorse for the title, then they struggle or even lose to their much smaller rivals. A team who can make a statement win one week and look like garbage the next. They ebat the easy teams on their schedule in emphatic fashion, but have seen themselves get romped against some of the best teams.

Dupont Manual= Georgia
You should be a Top 10 program in the entire country every single year. You have won your fair share of regular season games and are regarded as an elite athletic institute. You can potentially draw the best of the best in terms of a talent pool and your alumni have excelled at the next level. With that said your post season success is not close to where it should be and you rarely win the "Big Game" against your powerhouse rivals who collect Championship trophies.

Henry Clay= Miami
Athletes galore and many of their guys have went on to stardom at the next level. Absolutely zero post season success in recent years to reflect that and often lose to teams with much less talent.

Central Hardin= Arkansas
Easy to overlook with the big name programs around them geographically, but quietly picking up steam with a bit of Old School football vibe. Not the most talented roster, but sufficient for their system. Still a long ways from beating the Alabama, LSU's, or Ohio States's of the world...but progressing nicely.

Scott County= Michigan State
You know they are going to be very good essentially every year. Consistency is their forte and they can play with anyone that line sup against them. The problem is they are consistently the best of the second tier and usually are a few pieces short of having the horses to know off the best of the best.