Coaching Shake-up at Highlands

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    Are these coaches freshman thru varsity? Does each one of these coaches have a responsibility or does Highlands have a lot of hangaround coaches? Is this a normal amount of coaches for programs? It just seems like a lot of coaches to me. I think our team had 5 or 6 coaches.
    You only need 5-6 when you only have 35 players. LOL! There are at least 3 frosh coaches on there. Maybe as many as 5. I know a few years ago, that many coaches if not maybe a couple more even were required because of the system of training that was in place. Things have changed so not sure if any are just "hangarounds" as you say.

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    Just noticed in looking at the list that Kevin Siple is not even listed. Perhaps whomever found the list removed his name.

    Dowling is the frosh head coach. He is assisted by Dierig, Murray, Schrader, Reed and Court I believe. Not sure how many of these guys are actually paid except for Dowling and Court.

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