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Page 12 of The Coach of the Year in Kentucky is Bill Sharp of Russell County. The Russell County Lakers were a combined 4-17 the past two years in 2A football. Co... 166 comments | 11539 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Jay Cobb is a wonderful coach, and has been for numerous years now. But my pick maybe bias but it would be Bill Mike Runyon from Paintsville even in 1A. First year coach, pulled 10 win season. Unfortunately the magic came to an end at the hands of Coach Cobb. After a 6-5 season which was a disappointment, BMR came in his first year and turned the entire program around. He did this while enduring obstacles beyond which one could imagine. He brought Paintsville their first district title in 20 years. No offense to any of the coaches mentioned, I just think that BMR deserves it.
    Bill Mike is the MAN. As hardcore a coach as there is in Kentucky. Some people seemed surprised of his great success this year, but..I've always said, BMR has ALWAYS been a football coach that coaches basketball!! HA...
    BMR when or if he ever steps down from coaching should and will be considered a legend. His success, and involvement in HS athletics is unique. What a competitor...

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    Coach Sphire is a fine man and OUTSTANDING manager of Catholic's program. Those who say otherwise are uninformed and have an ax to grind. This was ANOTHER great season where results far exceeded expectations.