Coach Andrew Coverdale is the new offensive coordinator at Trinity!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockPride
    ^ I really think it is the fact of whether or not the ENTIRE community bought into the system for Cov...that happened at Trinity.
    Everyone can buy into all they want but if you don't have the personnel to run it will never work. From what I saw the first year he was at Castle he would have to have a pretty good QB and talent at the WR position. He had neither of these things after his first year and the first year everyone was still trying to learn it. I will say that last year they had an ok QB and 1 very good receiver and Coverdale's system made both look better then they really were. Especially the QB.

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    Hey Rock fans , I don't know what you were watching , but our offense hasn't been lacking since Coach Cov left............Coach Beatty has an outstanding scheme and understands all facets of football, and fundamentals are taught to the offense the way a good (great) coach does it; with disclipline. I always thought that Coach Cov was uncanny at play calling. He always has the right play on the chart to run at the right time, and the kids absolutely loved him, both on the field and in the classroom. I too am glad he is back , BUT , I want Coach Beatty to live to 100 and coach until he is 99.(Cov can be with him) He is a great man and coach, and so is Cov, but BB is the right man to be the head coach at THS. AND , he knows how to pick assistants!
    As for Coach Cov's stint at Castle, I never saw a Castle game , but I did see their 7 on 7 bunch last year. Folks, the talent wasn't there, at least for the aerial attack that he wanted to install. Cov is very articulate and concise, and those kids weren't getting it , and didn't have (a ) a QB with ANY kind of arm and (b) any recievers with hands or speed. Knute Rockne couldn't have made those kids into a passing threat. Cov never quit and coached relentlessly trying to get his kids to execute but couldn't. It was like trying to give everyone a slice of watermelon using a sledge hammer instead of a knife. The kids were looking forward to inside drill ,not skeleton drill or 7 on 7. For Cov to be a success there , he would have had to get the youth programs there to teach some passing offensive fundamentals, and wait about 6-8 years years while winning enough games to keep the fan base happy. Not at all an easy task. To claim he isn't a great coach is just assanine from his Castle era. The man has written books and has coached the passing game, literally, all over the world.He will excel again at Trinity , and anywhere he decides to land. Trinity is so lucky to have the men they have manning that football program. Not only now , but in years past, the coaching there has been astounding and a Beatty - Coverdale return hook-up is sure to be lots of fun.( yes, the defensive coaching is awesome also------runfirst, you can't swing at me there)