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Class 6A First Region

District 1 vs. District 2:
McCracken County (6-4) won the first district with a perfect 4-0 slate. The Eagles earned the right to host District 1 #5 seed Muhlenberg County (3-7). Muhlenberg Countyís Mustangs (0-4 in district) averaged 19.8 points per contest while allowing 36.6 points per game. McCracken Countyís Mustangs fared much better this season, averaging 32.6 points for versus 28.1 points against. The worst news for Muhlenberg County was allowing 49 points while being shutout by this McCracken County squad on October 20. The Greenville group picked up 43 yards rushing and 44 yards passing versus the Paducah team. McCracken County picked up 280 yards on the ground while passing for 192 yards. McCracken Countyís TaeShawn Allen was their rushing leader with 1120 yards. Quarterback Elijah Wheat passed for 1457 yards and picked up 96 yards on the ground. Four receivers recorded more than 270 yards in receptions for these Mustangs. Skyler Mayes, Landon Scheer, Lawson Parrish, and Franklin Hayes were the leading pass catchers for McCracken County. Muhlenbergís Joseph Grubbs passed for 586 yards and ran for another 419 yards this season.. His favorite receiving target was Karsen Steele. Steele recorded 23 catches for 478 yards. Bronzyn Healy (668 yards) was the leading rusher for Muhlenberg County. I believe this game will mark the end of the season for Muhlenberg Countyís 12 seniors.

Daviess County (5-5) plays at North Hardin (3-7). The Trojans went 1-1 in District 2 to earn the runner-up spot. The Panthers went 2-2 in District 1 play and are a number 3 seed. These teams shared a common foe, 4A John Hardin, in 2017. Daviess County lost to the Bulldogs 28-26 while North Hardin beat the same team 28-14. North Hardin averaged 16.2 points per game while allowing
30.2. Daviess County tallied 38.7 points per contest and gave up an average of 29.7. The young men from Owensboro rushed for 770 yards and passed for 3347 yards. Defensively, the Panthers gave up 1965 rushing yards and allowed 1501 passing yards. The Radcliff based team ran for 605 yards and passed for 1591 yards. The Trojans gave up 1622 yards on the ground and 1389 yards through the air. These stats do not include the Doss game. North Hardinís Eric Moore is the only player to attempt a pass prior to the Doss loss. He threw for 1589 yards. Jeremiah Bankhead was the leading receiver. Lavell Wright and Tavian Starks shared the running duties for the Trojans. Daviess County leading receivers were Marquel Tinsley (1294 yards) and Blake Baker (822 yards). Quarterback Joseph Cambron passed for 3279 yards. Landon Newman was the leading ground gainer with 549 yards.
Despite the John Hardin outcomes, Daviess County will be favored to end the high school careers of 19 North Hardin seniors.

Henderson County (4-6) hosts Meade County (5-5). The Colonels (3-1) are the number 2 seed from District 1. The Green Wave (0-2) represents District 2 as the number three seed. The Colonels scored an average 24.8 points per contest while allowing 25.5 points per game. Team stats through nine games included 1869 rushing yards and 867 passing yards. The opposition recorded 1152 yards on the ground and 1424 yards through the air. Individual statistics for Henderson County are through nine games: Skip Patterson (642 yards), Dajuan Simpson (459 yards), and Shane Welshans (386 yards) were the leading ground gainers. Patterson, the quarterback, passed for 645 yards. Isaac Anglin (255 yards), Max Hargis (171 yards), and Ian Pitt (162 yards) represent the leading receivers. 16 seniors appear on the Colonelsí roster. Meade County averaged 31.7 points per game and gave up 22.3 points per game. Team stats through nine games show 2309 rushing yards and 626 passing yards. The defense allowed 1257 rushing yards and 933 yards through the air. Individual statistics for Meade County are through 9 games as well. Zach Bibb rushed for 1174 yards, Zane Powers passed for 542 yards, and C J Hylander recorded 274 receiving yards for the Green Wave. 21 seniors are listed on the Meade County roster. I expect Henderson County to survive this first round game.

Central Hardin (7-3) hosts Ohio County (7-3). The Bruins (2-0) are the District 2 #1 seed and the Eagles (1-3) are the #4 seed from District 1. Central Hardin scored an average of 26.6 points per game while giving up 15.6 points per contest. Their statistical leaders included Jacob Hobbs passing for 520 yards and rushing for 602 yards. Josh Volentine gained 552 yards on the ground and Gavin George was the leading receiver with 144 yards. As a unit, Central Hardin rushed for 2211 yards and passed for 585 yards. The defense allowed 1269 yards on the ground and 1130 passing yards. 18 seniors led the Bruins in 2017. Ohio County scored 34.8 points per game and allowed 25.6 points. The Eagles defense allowed 734 yards on the ground and only 265 yards through the air. Ohio County gained 1716 yards running the ball and 2283 yards passing the ball. The Eagles individual leaders included Nick Morris (825 yards) at receiver, Heath Simmons (2234 passing yards) at quarterback, with Daryius McHenry (824 yards) and Caden Brown (806 yards) the leading rushers. Based on strength of schedule, I expect Central Hardin to put this one away early and march into the second round.

Round 2 predictions:
McCracken County versus Daviess County
Central Hardin vs. Henderson County

Regional Final:
McCracken County vs. Central Hardin with McCracken County moving on to a semi-state match hosting Trinity.

6A Playoffs: Region 2

District 4 vs. District 6
Simon Kenton (9-1) vs. Jeffersontown (3-7). The Pioneers are the number 1 seed from District 6 and the Chargers are the Number four seed from District 4. Simon Kenton averaged 45.7 points per game while allowing 21.4 per contest. The Pioneers rushed for 2128 yards and passed for 2186 in 2017. The Simon Kenton defense allowed 1753 yards on the ground and 1077 yards through the air. The offensive stat leaders included RB Austin Hammack (760 yards) and QB Matt Shearer (511 yards). Shearer passed for 2101 yards. The top receivers included Fisher Hayden (697 yards) and Sam Murray (586 yards). Seventeen seniors are listed on Simon Kentonís roster.
Jeffersontown averaged 9.1 points per contest and allowed 29.9 points per game. The defense allowed 1304 yards on the ground and 1204 yards via the pass. The offense rushed for 1153 yards and passed for 494 yards in 2017. Andrae Johnson (561 yards) and Kristian Mayes (463) contributed the majority of rushing yards. Michael Frank passed for 345 yards. Frankís main target was receiver Jimel Robison (159 yards).
Thirteen seniors are listed on the Jeffersontown roster.
Simon Kenton is the overwhelming favorite in this contest. I expect a running clock before this game is concluded.

Ballard (5-5) vs. Boone County (1-9). The Bruins (3-1) were the District 4 runner-up and Boone County (0-2) was the third place team in District 6. Ballard scored an average of 23.2 points per game and allowed 22.4 points per contest. The Rebels scored 7.3 points per game and gave up an average of 40.4 points. Ballard rushed for 759 yards and passed for 1967 yards. The Bruins allowed 917 yards on the ground and 1012 passing yards. Boone County gained 690 yards on the ground and passed for 470 yards. The defense yielded 1510 rushing yards and 877 passing yards in 2017.
The stat leaders for Ballard included QB Terrance May who passed for 2018 yards. His top three receivers included Elijah Downing (605 yards), Marshon Ford (537 yards), and Christian Horton (443 yards). Jerald Smith led the Bruins in rushing yards with 284. A total of 13 seniors are listed for Ballard.

The leaders for Boone County included QB Zach Grau who passed for 391 yards. Grauís favorite receivers included R J Summers (150 yards) and Jante Wingo (112 yards). John Mark Shutt was the leading ground gainer with 210 yards. The seniors numbered 16 for the Rebels. I look for Ballard to bounce back from last weekís shutout loss to Central Hardin and move on to the second round.

Campbell County (6-4) vs. Eastern (5-5). The Camels (1-1) are the number 2 seed for District 6. The Eagles (2-2) are the number 3 seed from District 4. Campbell County scored 35.2 points per contest while they allowed 26.7 points per game. The Eagles tallied 20.6 points per contest and allowed 18.0 points per game. Campbell County gained 2154 yards on the ground and 2023 yards through the air. The Camels allowed 1662 rushing yards and 1277 passing yards. Eastern ran for 953 yards and passed for 1122 yards. The Eagles defense allowed 862 rushing yards and 1277 passing yards.
The Campbell County stat leaders included Jack Comer at wide receiver. Comer recorded 731 receiving yards. Austin Hoeh passed for 1972 yards and running back Alex Dowds gained 1585 rushing yards. The Eastern stat leaders included Christian Kessler at quarterback who passed for 895 yards. Riley Hall was the lead rusher with 376 yards gained. Bryce Williams (313 yards) and Nicholas Marshall (281 yards) were the featured receivers. The Eagles boasted 29 seniors. 19 seniors are included on the Campbell County roster. I expect the home team to advance to the second round. Dowds is the type of back that can control a game with the help of his offensive line.

Trinity (10-0) vs. Seneca (0-10). The Redhawks (0-4) are the number 5 seed from District 4 and earned the rematch with the District 4 #1 seed Shamrocks (4-0). The Redhawks scored the fewest points in 6A with 28 for the season. Seneca allowed 36.9 points per game in 2017. Eighteen seniors appeared on the Seneca roster. Seneca opted not to post any statistics with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. The Redhawks were shutout victims in 7 of their ten regular season games. This included a 42-0 loss to Trinity on October 13.
Trinity looks to raise their all-time record versus Seneca to 17-2. The Shamrocks averaged 36.5 points per contest and allowed an average of 8.7 points per game during the regular season. Trinity allowed 6 points in 6 games versus Kentucky schools.
The offense is led by quarterback Nick Bohn. Bohn passed for 2601 yards. The top receivers for Trinity included Rondale Moore (1003 yards) in 8 games, Ryan Miller (443 yards), and Nick Strothman (427 yards). Moore picked up 193 more yards running the ball. Luke McGuire (378 yards) and Geremiah Smith (247 yards) were the stalwarts at running back. The Trinity offensive team stats included 970 yards rushing and 3016 yards passing. The defense allowed 463 rushing yards and 1360 passing yards.
Trinity has 19 seniors on their posted roster. This game should see the mercy rule invoked early in the third quarter as the Shamrocks take the next step towards their 25th state football title.

Round 2 predictions:
Trinity vs. Campbell County
Ballard vs. Simon Kenton

Region 2 Championship:
Trinity vs. Simon Kenton with Trinity travelling to McCracken County for the semi-state.

6A Playoffs: Region 3

District 3 vs. District 5
St. Xavier (8-2) vs. Manual (3-7). The Tigers are the number one seed from District 3. The Crimsons are the fifth place team from District 3 and earned the rematch with St. Xavier. The Tigers averaged 33.2 points per game in the regular season and allowed an average of 16.7. St. Xavierís defense allowed just over 1100 yards rushing and nearly 1400 yards passing in 2017. The offense gained 2100 yards on the ground and 1400 yards through the air. Quarterback Jack Albers passed for more than 1200 yards and rushed for more than 400 yards. Albers favorite targets included William Crum (500+ yards) and Benjamin Mueller (250+ yards). Anthony Moretti rushed for 600 yards after replacing the injured Brett Metzmeier. St. Xavier has a roster posted with 55 seniors.
Manual averaged 16.1 points scored and allowed 17.8 points per contest. Manual gave up 1399 rushing yards and 1313 passing yards in the regular season. The Crimsons gained more than 1000 yards on the ground and almost an equal amount was picked up through the air. The Manual quarterback is Zach Rectenwald who threw for 742 yards. Marcis Floyd tppoed the receivers with 488 yards and Aidan Robbins rushed for more than 600 yards. Seventeen members of the Class of 2018 are included on the Crimsons roster.
These long-time foes played October 6. St. Xavier won that battle 56-34. The Tigers defensive effort has improved and the margin of victory should be slightly greater in this contest.

Pleasure Ridge Park (6-4) at Cooper (2-8). The Panthers (2-2) are the number three seed for District 3 and the Jaguars (1-1) earned the number 2 seed in District 5. The Panthers averaged 24.4 points and allowed 20.3 points per game in the regular season. Cooper scored an average 16.0 points and allowed 35.6 points per game. Anthony Witchey led the Cooper rushing attack with 617 yards. Jeremiah Lee was the quarterback who gained 407 yards on the ground and 553 yards through the air. Mikey Armour and Justin Schlarman were the two receivers targeted the most with more than 200 yards each. As a team, the Jaguars allowed more than 2100 yards rushing and nearly 1300 yards via the pass. Offensively, Cooper picked up nearly 1300 yards on the ground and over 900 yards in the air. Thirteen seniors are included on the Cooper roster.
The Panthers were led by quarterback Bryant Robinson. Dewayne Hall was the leading running back. Michael Hopper and Shannon Bishop were the top pass catchers for Pleasure Ridge Park. 28 seniors are included on the Panthers roster.
Look for the Panthers to bring home a road victory in a tightly contested game.

Male (8-2) vs. Conner (4-6). The Bulldogs (3-1) are the number 2 seed from District 3. Conner (0-2) is the number three team from District 5. Male scored an average of 30.4 points per contest and gave up 13.7 points during the regular season. The Bulldogs gained 1810 yards on the ground and 1637 yards through the air. Defensively, Male allowed 1208 rushing yards and 1064 passing yards. Individual stats reflected quarterback Cam Chesher passed for 1317 yards. Henry Vestal gained 935 yards on the ground and Ethan Bibb picked up 759 yards receiving for the Bulldogs. Male has 16 seniors listed on their roster.
Conner scored an average of 24.9 points and allowed 29.3 points in 2017. The Cougars ran the ball for 1163 yards and allowed 2431 rushing this regular season. Conner passed for 1530 yards and yielded 981 yards in the air. Trevor Courts and Christian Webster were the leading ground gainers. Cooper Gullion quarterbacked the Cougars and passed for 1386 yards. Gullionís favorite receivers were Jaylen Watkins (594 yards) and Matt Simpson (415 yards). 18 seniors are included in the Cougars roster. Male is expected to advance to round 2 based on their successes during the regular season.

Ryle (8-2) vs. Butler (6-4). The Raiders (2-0) are the number one seed in District 5 and the Bears (1-3) finished #4 in the always tough District 3. Ryle scored an average of 38 points per game and allowed 24.6 points per contest. Team stats included 3274 yards rushing and 1046 yards passing. The Raiders defense allowed 1113 yards on the ground and 1681 yards through the air. Jake Chisolm rushed for 2159 yards. QB Easton Pilyer passed for 807 yards and ran for another 344 yards. Stefan Clarkson was Pilyerís most targeted receiver with 279 receiving yards. Chisolm pitched in with 219 receiving yards . Much of the Raiders success may be tied to the 25 members of the Class of 2018 on this squad.
Butler put up 25.5 points per game on average and permitted 18.7 points per contest. Statistically, the Bears allowed 1365 rushing yards and recorded 1346 rushing yards. Butler passed for 1529 yards and allowed 1026 yards through the air. Chaz Burks quarterbacked the Bears and threw for 1526 yards. Burksí favorite receivers included Demontae Crumes (638 yards), Frank Bentley (346 yards), and Frank Caldwell (306 yards). Eric Jackson (647 yards) and Jalan Ward (485 yards) gained the majority of rushing yardage. In what many feel is the best first round match-up in 6A, look for the Raiders to play ball control by running Chisolm repeatedly behind his big and talented offensive line.

Round 2 predictions:
St. Xavier vs. Pleasure Ridge Park
Male vs. Ryle

Region 3 Championship:
Ryle at St. Xavier with St. Xavier moving on to the semi-state versus Scott County.

Class 6A: Fourth Region

District 7 versus District 8
Tates Creek (8-2) vs. Bryan Station (1-9). The Commodores won district 8 with a 3-0 record. Bryan Station earned the number 4 seed representing District 7. Tates Creek averaged 28 points per game while allowing 12.8. Their offensive leaders included Laron Warner and Teonte White who combined for more than 1,000 rushing yards. Myles Thomas and Darryl Bell were among the leading receivers and Cameron Workman passed for more than 1,000 yards as the quarterback. As a team, Tates Creek gained more than 2,500 yards in offense, with more than half coming through the air. 19 Commodores are listed as seniors.
The Defenders scored an average 11.2 points per game and gave up 33.4 per contest. Bryan Station recorded more than 1200 rushing yards and more than 1200 yards through the air. Their defense gave up more than 1000 yards passing and more than 2500 yards rushing.
Their leaders included Jalen Burbage at quarterback. Burbage passed for more than 1100 yards and rushed for more than 650 yards. He was the Defenders leader in running the ball. Three Bryan Station players shared the load as receivers: Kendrick Curry, Shemar Ritch, and Terrance Clayton-Murphy each recorded more than 200 yards. There are 15 Defenders in this teamís senior class.
Tates Creek won the previous game played between these two on September 15 by the score of 38-8. Look for a similar result this time around.

Frederick Douglass (8-2) vs. Lafayette (3-7). The Broncos (3-1) earned the number 2 seed in District 7 in their first year of competition. The Generals are the 6A defending state runner-up. Lafayette qualified as the number three seed from District 8.
Frederick Douglass tallied an average of 29.3 points per contest while they allowed 15.8 points per game. The Broncos offensive leaders included Montaveon Bean at quarterback who passed for more than 1200 yards and rushed for another 500 yards. Jefferson Harkless was the Broncos leader at running back and rushed for more than 700 yards. Beanís favorite receivers included Haiden Hunt, Micah Lowe, Dekel Crowdus, and Brion Thomas. As a team, the Broncos rushed for more than 1500 yards and passed for more than 1300 yards. They allowed 1200 passing yards and greater than 1000 yards on the ground.
Lafayette scored an average of 17.5 points per game and allowed 21.7 points per game. Their leaders Dekwan Edwards with more than 300 yards passing; Cameron Morgan with more than 800 yards rushing; and Matthew Guilfoil with approximately 300 yards receiving for 2017. Team stats show the Generals giving up more than 1300 yards on the ground and more than 800 yards through the air. On offense, the Generals have more than 1000 passing yards and more than 1400 rushing yards.

Frederick Douglass defeated the Generals 29-14 on September 8. I expect the Broncos to win by a wider margin in this playoff game.

Henry Clay (5-5) at Madison Central (6-4). Henry Clay is the third place team from District 7 and the Indians are the #2 seed from District 8. The Blue Devils enter the playoffs having scored nearly 28 points per game and they allowed almost 25 points per contest. Madison Central scored just over 27 points each time out and gave up just under 15 points per game. The Blue Devils offense was lead by QB Darrin Van Horn. Van Horn passed for more than 800 yards. Tyree Clarke was the teamís leader at running back. Clarke gained almost 900 yards on the ground. Michael McMullen is the leader at receiver with nearly 230 yards on 13 receptions. Fourteen members of the Class of 2018 appeared on the Henry Clay roster.
The Indians have 18 seniors listed. Their offensive leaders included Derrick Miller at quarterback. Miller threw for more than 800 yards. Gavin Hulberg rushed for more than 800 yards. Ethan Hahn had 20 receptions for 550 yards and ran for another 590 yards. I look for Henry Clay to take this one and move on to round 2.

Scott County (8-2) vs. George Rogers Clark (5-5). Scott County are the #1 seed from District 7 and George Rogers Clark is the #4 seed from District 8. The team from Georgetown scored more than 45 points per game while they allowed less than 22 points per contest. Seventeen Scott County players are listed as seniors. As a team, Scott County gained more than 3000 yards rushing and nearly 1200 yards passing in 2017. The defense permitted nearly 1600 yards on the ground and nearly 1500 yards through the air. Quarterback Josh Davis has thrown for nearly all of the yardage shown and Brice Fryman rushed for more than 1100 yards. Glenn Covington is responsible for the most reception yards with nearly 600 for Scott County.
George Rogers Clark tallied 29 points per contest and allowed just over 22 points per contest. The young men from the Winchester area gave up just over 800 rushing yards and a little more than 700 yards though the air. These Cardinals gained more than 1700 yards on the ground and more than 850 yards passing this season. Jadan Farris was the GRC receiving leader with 425 yards. Pierce Nesbitt has thrown for nearly 800 yards and Nitavius Thomas picked up almost 1200 yards on the ground. Scott County is the heavy favorite in this contest.

Round 2 predictions:
Scott County vs. Henry Clay
Frederick Douglass at Tates Creek

Regional Championship:
Scott County vs. Frederick Douglass with Scott County moving on to face St. Xavier in Louisville in the semi-state.

Semi-State 1: Scott County at St. Xavier
Semi-State 2: Trinity at McCracken County

State Championship:
Trinity vs. Scott County at Kroger Field with Trinity winning State Football Championship #25.