District play has started for a few of the 6A districts while others will begin play this week. We will take a quick look at some key games in each district. And preview possible finish.

District 1
Season didn’t start how Henderson County wanted it too as they started off on a 1-4 start. But since then has won back to back games and currently tide for the top spot with McCracken County. McCracken County has ran off six straight wins after starting the season with a loss.

Key Games:
• 10/09- Henderson Co. @ McCracken County

Predicted District Champion: McCracken County

Note: This is a 5 team district the 5th place finisher will be seeded as the 4th seed for district 2.

District 2
This district has had its up and downs this season. Central Hardin went into the season as the district favorite and they current sit at 3-3 on the year. This district will start play this week. All three teams will make the playoffs. It all comes down to seeding and who will have to travel week one of the playoffs.

Key Games:
• 10/09- North Hardin vs. Meade Co.
• 10/16 – Central Hardin @ Meade Co.

Predicted District Champion: Central Hardin

District 3
The word super district was used last couple of years and some people say that the super district has been eliminated. But don’t tell that to the teams in district three. It is home to 4 of the top ten teams in Class 6A Bluegrass Preps Poll. On paper it looks to be Male’s to lose as they are 2-0 already in district play. With Manual and St. Xavier both at 1-0 in district play.

Key Games:
• 10/09 – St. Xavier at Manual
• 10/16 – Male at St. Xavier
• 10/23 – Male at Manual

Predicted District Champion: Male

Note: the 5th place team will represent District 5 as the 4th seed.

District 4
This is the other 5 team district in Jefferson County. By the looks of things Trinity should win out as the District Champion. Ballard is 2-0 in district play and 4-3 on the season. They have been up and down this season and looks as the only possible challenger to Trinity.

Key Games:
• 10/23 – Trinity at Ballard

Predicted District Champion: Trinity

Note: The 5th place finisher will represent District 6 as the 4th seed.

District 5
This might be the most competitive district in Class 6A. All three teams are capable of winning the district crown. Ryle is currently sitting at 6-0 on the season, followed by Connor at 5-1 and Cooper at 5-2. All three teams will make the playoffs.

Key Games
• 10/09 – Ryle at Cooper
• 10/16 – Connor at Ryle
• 10/23 – Cooper at Connor

Predicted District Champion: Ryle

District 6
Another three team district in Class 6A. On paper looks like two of the three teams are fighting for second place. Simon Kenton on paper looks to be the heavy favorite to win the district title. Both Boone and Campbell are win less on the season.

Key Games:
• 10/23 Boone Co. At Campbell Co.

Predicted District Champion: Simon Kenton

District 7
Looks to be a two horse race with Scott County looking to be the favorite. They sit at 5-1 and have been a solid club all year. Bryan Station has been pretty good against subpar teams but have lost two games to teams with equal talent. Henry Clay started the season with a lot of expectations but at 3-3 haven’t lived up to those expectations.

Key Games
• 10/16 Bryan Station at Scott County
• 10/23 Henry Clay at Bryan Station

Predicted District Champion: Scott County

District 8
During the preseason Lafayette received a lot of early recognition and hype with the talented listed on the roster. This was the season that many of us thought they would compete. But they have dropped two games this season against traditional powers Trinity and Scott County. The surprise team of the district has to be Madison Central. Madison Central is sitting at 4-2 entering district play. The question is can Madison Central knock off Lafayette and claim rights to the crown?

Key games:
• 10/09 Madison Central at Tates Creek
• 10/16 Lafayette at Madison Central

Predicted District Champion: Lafayette