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I'm fond of using the double rainbow expression for something you're unlikely to see. In 4A, no teams losing in the top ten is essentially like seeing a double rainbow. It is super, super rare, but there it was last week, in all its glory. The result of that was the exact same top ten this week as the week before. In fact, the teams in the top ten didn't just win, they dominated. Nine games decided by an average of 33.77 PPG, which included a game called early in #8 Moore's 27-0 win over Valley.

Only #7 Franklin County's district tilt at Shelby County provided any drama for a top ten team. Rain and lightning pushed the game time by two hours, and it was almost midnight by the time the Flyers walked off the field with a crucial 14-6 victory. Dakota Bowen's 4 yard touchdown run in the first quarter was ultimately the only points Franklin County needed, but they led just 7-3 at the half before Ameer Lee busted a 70 yard touchdown run in the third quarter. A pair of field goals ending the second and third quarters were the only points Shelby County could muster on their homecoming night. For Franklin County it means that their home game against 1-5 Collins this week may just represent the district title game. Collins has already knocked off Spencer County 34-14, and the fifth district member North Oldham is just 2-3. Franklin County has never beaten Collins - it's a good time for them to get their first win.

Other games of note:

#2 Franklin-Simpson got some pushback from 2A #5 Glasgow early, leading only 7-0 after one, and just 21-14 early in the third. But with big play backs like Tre Bass, Franklin is always a threat to blow it open, and they did just that. Tre Bass averaged 19.1 (!) yards per carry as the Wildcats reeled off 27 points in a row before settling in for a 48-21 victory. It was Glasgow's first loss of the year, and it is widely expected that it was the most serious test the Wildcats will face before the state finals. Unless someone pulls off a serious upset, Franklin-Simpson is in the clear.

#3 Ashland and #5 Logan County remained unbeaten, torching Rowan County 34-6 and Hopkins County Central 68-13 respectively. We're still weeks away from either team being challenged. #1 Johnson Central and #4 Knox Central are also unbeaten against Kentucky competition, and won their matchups by 41 and 30 respectively. Knox has a walkover this week, but #6 Wayne County is just around the corner.....

Outside of the rankings John Hardin is heating up. The traditional power was on the periphery after a disappointing 2017, but they've moved to 4-2 with a tight 15-9 win over Meade County. That's the same Meade County team that fell just 17-14 to Franklin-Simpson the week before. Might the Bulldogs be gearing up for a possible spoiler in both the region and state semis?

Upcoming Game of the Week
There are no games between ranked teams this week, but hands down the game to watch is #10 Hopkinsville at Madisonville-North Hopkins. Madisonville is a team just outside the rankings, and the Tigers are a team that is in desperate need of a win. Last year they were 1-4 going into this game, fell flat, and ultimately slid to 1-6 and went on the road for the playoffs. Without Javier Bland, they face a very trying test at Madisonville-North Hopkins, which has designs on taking the district crown from Logan County. Hopkinsville has just had no luck at all with injuries and honestly life in recent years, with tragedy scarring the program. They need this in the worst way.