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District 1
#4 Fort Campbell Falcons (1-9) at #1 Mayfield Cardinals (9-1)
Previous Meeting: Mayfield 42-0 on 9/27

Let's not waste words on this one. The Falcons are just happy to be here after winning their way in against Ballard Memorial, but this one is going to be over early. The Cardinals have their eyes on greater things and should be able to impose their will from the jump in all disciplines.

Prediction: Mayfield 49 Fort Campbell 0

#3 Murray Tigers (7-3) at #2 Caldwell County Tigers (8-2)
Previous Meeting: Caldwell County 42-40 on 10/18

The first meeting of these two teams was one of the best match-ups featuring two teams in Class 2A as the back and forth tussle came down to the very end. Murray may not be with their star QB Hunter Utley who was superb in the previous meeting before getting injured the next week versus Mayfield. Without Utley the Caldwell County Tigers are certainly the team to beat.

Prediction: Caldwell County 36 Murray 28

District 1 Championship
Projected District 1 Championship: #2 Caldwell County at #1 Mayfield
Previous Meeting: Mayfield 45-7 on 10/4

District Championship Prediction: Mayfield 42 Caldwell County 20

District 2
#4 Todd County Central Rebels (6-4) at #1 Owensboro Catholic Aces (8-2)
Previous Meeting: Owensboro Catholic 48-24 on 9/27

When these two teams collided in September, Todd Central entered on their highest water mark and played with great confidence early. Ultimately, Owensboro Catholic just had way too many weapons and pulled away. The Rebels have had some confidence bruisers along the way and although O'Cath enters still smarting from a rough loss to Apollo, the Aces should take care of business here.

Prediction: Owensboro Catholic 56 Todd Central 14

#3 Hancock County Hornets (3-7) at #2 McLean County Cougars (6-4)
Previous Meeting: McLean County 34-13 on 10/25

McLean County has turned their season into a solid showing very quietly and enter November with wins in 6 of their last 7 games. The Cougars three headed rushing attack has found their footing and will continue to propel them in Round 1 against a Hancock County team seemingly going the wrong way. It may not be Halloween anymore, but Andrew Munster will be mashing the Hornets.

Prediction: McLean County 40 Hancock County 14

District 2 Championship
Projected District 2 Championship: #2 McLean County at #1 Owensboro Catholic
Previous Meeting: Owensboro Catholic 55-21 on 10/4

District Championship Prediction: Owensboro Catholic 48 McLean County 28

District 3
#4 Green County Dragons (1-9) at #1 Edmonson County Wildcats (4-6)
Previous Meeting: Edmonson County 39-8 on 10/18

In the wild and dramatic District 3, it was Edmonson County who came out on top. The Wildcats had a shocking loss to Metcalfe County but outside of that went undefeated against the other teams. QB Jon Smith may have a plain name, but it will be his skill-set that determines how far the Wildcats go. Expect Smith to take care of business against Green County. The Wildcats simply are the better team.

Prediction: Edmonson County 33 Green County 6

#3 Clinton County Bulldogs (6-3) at #2 Monroe County Falcons (5-5)
Previous Meeting: Monroe County 28-14 on 9/20

Monroe County really wishes they could have October 3rd back. The Falcons laid an egg against Edmonson County and the game wound up being much worse than it should have been. Since that night the Falcons have played pretty good football and seem to have found a nice offensive rhythm. The receivers have really started to develop timing with QB Curtis Petett and it should give them enough to overcome a pretty stout challenge from Clinton County.

Prediction: Monroe County 28 Clinton County 20

District 3 Championship
Projected District 3 Championship: #2 Monroe County at #1 Edmonson County
Previous Meeting: Edmonson County 33-0 on 10/3

District Championship Prediction: Monroe County 28 Edmonson County 26

District 4
#4 Washington County Commanders (5-5) at #1 Lexington Christian Academy Eagles (9-1)
Previous Meeting: LCA 36-0 on 10/11

LCA may be one of the hottest teams in Kentucky. After losing in Week 2 at Belfry, the Eagles have been flying high and lighting up the scoreboard in the process. LCA boasts the top overall seed in the RPI and have homefield advantage at their disposal. The Commanders have great pieces, but a brutal schedule has taken the wind out of their sails as they enter November. Perhaps no team wishes the old system still existed more than Washington County, as a sweep of District 3 would be a real possibility if so.

Prediction: Lexington Christian Academy 42 Washington County 6

#3 Danville Admirals (3-6) at #2 Somerset Briarjumpers (9-1)
Previous Meeting: Somerset 40-21 on 10/11

Is this a trap game? Somerset has been one of the elite teams in Class 2A all season and are entering the playoffs as a top threat to take home the Title. Well... if they can avenge their loss to LCA and win District 4. Danville may be the most improved team in Class 2A from the start of September until now as their young team is getting battle hardened each week. This is a game Somerset needs to play in the present instead of looking forward to what may come in Round 2. If Somerset stays to task they win.

Prediction: Somerset 38 Danville 20

District 4 Championship
Projected District 4 Championship: #2 Somerset at #1 Lexington Christian Academy
Previous Meeting: LCA 35-24 on 10/18

District Championship Prediction: Somerset 34 Lexington Christian Academy 28

District 5
#4 Gallatin County Wildcats (1-9) at #1 Walton-Verona Bearcats (6-4)
Previous Meeting: Walton-Verona 48-0 on 9/27

Walton-Verona is the clear cut above in this District and have been in recent years as well. Gallatin County just do not have the horses in their barn to match up at the line of scrimmage and will struggle to stop the Bearcats' "ground and pound".

Prediction: Walton-Verona 42 Gallatin County 0

#3 Owen County Rebels (3-7) at #2 Carroll County Panthers (7-3)
Previous Meeting: Carroll County 48-18 on 10/18

Carroll County is quietly 7-3 and have done a very good job of navigating their light schedule. Dual-Threat QB Andre Mumphrey has been consistently solid all season and in the previous meeting he orchestrated a game-plan that resulted in three Panthers rushing for over 100 yards. Owen County should be able to keep this within reach through the first 3/4 of the game, but expect Carroll to simply deliver too many body blows to a Rebel team lacking depth.

Prediction: Carroll County 38 Owen County 14

District 5 Championship
Projected District 5 Championship: #2 Carroll County at #1 Walton-Verona
Previous Meeting: Walton-Verona 33-14 on 10/4

District Championship Prediction: Walton-Verona 28 Carroll County 14

District 6
#4 Covington Holy Cross Indians (2-8) at #1 Beechwood Tigers (5-5)
Previous Meeting: Beechwood 68-6 on 10/11

Of all the First Round mis-matches, no team probably welcomes the opportunity more than Beechwood. The Tigers used the first meeting to springboard their offense and carry them with newfound confidence through District play after sputtering all season. Beechwood took a tough luck loss in the season finale to 1A Newport Central Catholic in a game where old habits reared their head. The Tigers need to get back to feeling good about themselves against the porous Holy Cross defense.

Prediction: Beechwood 56 Covington Holy Cross 13

#3 Newport Wildcats (7-3) at #2 Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts (6-4)
Previous Meeting: Lloyd Memorial 26-7 on 10/11

The first meeting ended up being a three score margin, but it was a nip and tuck affair until the 4th Quarter. The Juggernauts made the big plays and just seemed to be the more battle tested team. Kaleal Davis was rendered to being a non-factor while Lloyd RB Jacob Davidson ground out yardage and key scores. The Wildcats have the luxury of a Week 11 BYE entering this game while Lloyd took a tough loss in a physical game against a stout 3A Elizabethtown. Call me crazy, but in a Class where First Round upsets seem unlikely, this might be a shocker.

Prediction: Newport 20 Lloyd Memorial 16

District 6 Championship
Projected District 6 Championship: #3 Newport at #1 Beechwood
Previous Meeting: Beechwood 38-0 on 10/25

District Championship Prediction: Beechwood 37 Newport 6

District 7
#4 Knott County Central Patriots (2-8) at #1 Breathitt County Bobcats (10-0)
Previous Meeting: Breathitt County 56-8 on 10/18

Welcome to the Breathitt County Sacrificial District. Much like the regular season where it was seldom seen a game where Breathitt did not have the game firmly in hand by the end of the 1st quarter, expect more of the same for the first two rounds. The Bobcats will begin their tour of terror by over matching Knott Central.

Prediction: Breathitt County 54 Knott Central 6

#3 Leslie County Eagles (5-4) at #2 Middlesboro Yellowjackets (7-3)
Previous Meeting: Middlesboro 28-27 on 10/4

This should be a fun game for an opener. The Yellowjackets were a single point better in Hyden the first go round in what has proven to be a watershed for a Middlesboro team who had lost a ton of games in recent years. Leslie County has the ability to win this game, but with the battlefield set for Middlesboro, this will be a tough task for the Eagles.

Prediction: Middlesboro 36 Leslie County 28

District 7 Championship
Projected District 7 Championship: #2 Middlesboro at #1 Breathitt County
Previous Meeting: Breathitt County 57-7 on 9/27

District Championship Prediction: Breathitt County 56 Middlesboro 14

District 8
#4 Bath County Wildcats (4-6) at #1 West Carter Comets (7-3)
Previous Meeting: West Carter 26-6 on 10/4

The two class droppers had different fortunes in their inaugural 2A campaigns. West Carter rode their defense to the top seed following the regular season as Bath County's defense never could get them enough stops. The Comets are a bit of a sleep team if they can continue to win against their District foes. If they compete like they did against 3A Russell in their season finale they may be in position to surprise someone.

Prediction: West Carter 33 Bath County 0

#3 Martin County Cardinals (7-3) at #2 Shelby Valley Wildcats (8-2)
Previous Meeting: Shelby Valley 41-12 on 10/11

Regardless of the outcome it has been a feel good type of season for the boys from Inez. Martin County dropped to 2A and exceeded expectations en route to a winning season. Unfortunately, they just don't match up well with the bigger and more physical Wildcats and the yard churning offense it creates. Shelby Valley has a chip on their shoulder after getting embarrassed by West Carter and should take care of business here.

Prediction: Shelby Valley 46 Martin County 20

District 8 Championship
Projected District 8 Championship: #2 Shelby Valley at #1 West Carter
Previous Meeting: West Carter 33-7 on 9/27

District Championship Prediction: West Carter 20 Shelby Valley 7

Projected Remaining Teams- West (Round 3 Projections):
(4) Monroe County- 0.45121 at (1) Mayfield- 0.75316
(3) Owensboro Catholic- 0.64483 at (2) Somerset- 0.75279

Projected Remaining Teams- East (Round 3 Projections):
(4) Walton-Verona- 0.54003 at (1) Breathitt County- 0.65959
(3) West Carter- 0.58113 at (2) Beechwood- 0.62970