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Breaking Down The The Halfway Stats:
Only using current teams ranked in the Top 10

Top 10 Scoring Offense:
1. Mayfield- 281 Points
2. Owensboro Catholic- 243 Points
3. Glasgow- 212 Points
4. CAL- 199 Points
5. Somerset- 176 Points
6. LCA- 170 Points
7. DeSales- 160 Points
8. Lloyd- 150 Points
9. Danville- 139 Points
10. Newport Central Catholic- 107 Points

Top 10 Scoring Defense:
1. CAL- 41 Points
2. Somerset- 45 Points
3. Lloyd Memorial- 74 Points
4. DeSales- 91 Points
5. Glasgow- 102 Points
6. Mayfield- 124 Points
7. Danville- 135 Points
8. Owensboro Catholic- 162 Points
9. Newport Central Catholic- 173 Points
10. LCA- 190 Points

Top 10 Strength of Schedule (Per Calpreps):
1t. DeSales- 10.9
1t. Newport Central Catholic- 10.9
3. Danville- 9.2
4. Mayfield- 8.5
5. LCA- 6.6
6. CAL- 1.1
7. Somerset- (-1.1)
8. Owensboro Catholic- (-3.2)
9. Glasgow- (-10.6)
10. Lloyd Memorial (-14.7)

Ranking The 15 Best Wins (Top 10 Teams Per Calpreps):
1. Mayfield vs. #942 Corbin
2. DeSales vs. #1186 Lexington Catholic
3. DeSales vs. #1619 St. Xavier
4. Mayfield vs. #1799 Paducah Tilghman
5. DeSales vs. #1905 Butler
6. CAL vs. #1972 South Oldham
7. Owensboro Catholic vs. #2045 Owensboro
8. Somerset vs. #3635 Hazard
9. LCA vs. #3703 Waggener
10. Danville vs. #3703 Waggener
11. LCA vs. #3847 Lincoln
12. Mayfield vs. #4325 McCracken County
13. Somerset vs. #4642 Lincoln County
14. Mayfield vs. #4981 Hopkinsville
15. Mayfield vs. #5187 Graves County

Ranking the 10 Best Losses (Top 10 Teams Per Calpreps):
1. Danville vs. #584 Boyle County
2. Owensboro Catholic vs. #603 Reitz
3. NewCath vs. #721 CAL
4. Danville vs. #942 Corbin
5. LCA vs. #1186 Lexington Catholic
6. Somerset vs. #1208 Beechwood
7. Lloyd vs. #1208 Beechwood
8. Glasgow vs. #1732 Franklin-Simpson
9. Newport Central Catholic vs. #1792 Belfry
10. LCA vs. #2454 Pikeville

Ranking the 15 Best Performances (Top 10 Teams Per Calpreps):
1. Mayfield vs. Corbin- 52.4
2. Mayfield vs. Tilghman- 44.1
3. DeSales vs. LexCath- 40.7
4. DeSales vs. St. X- 36.5
5. CAL vs. South Oldham- 36.4
6. DeSales vs. Butler- 34.0
7. Mayfield vs. McCracken County- 33.7
8. Owensboro Catholic vs. Owensboro- 33.0
9. Somerset vs. Lincoln County- 32.3
10. CAL vs. Elizabethtown- 30.8
11. Mayfield vs. Graved County- 30.2
12. CAL vs. Central Hardin- 29.0
13. CAL vs. Newport Cental Catholic- 25.8
14. Somerset vs. Hazard- 23.0
15t. DeSales vs. Fern Creek- 22.7
15t. Danville vs. Waggener- 22.7
15t. LCA vs. Waggener- 22.7

In Summary:
The Stats LOVE Mayfield and DeSales. Who would have thought it? Obviously this is sarcastic, OF COURSE the stats will love the two top-ranked teams, but at this point it would suggest from a statistical standpoint that these two teams are leaps and bounds in front of the pack.

Both teams have combined for six of the seven best performances and have all five of the top wins against the highest ranked teams in the Calpreps rankings. Of the Top 5 teams in the State, they also have the two hardest Strength of Schedules. Though neither team is ranked among the best Defensively, you have to consider the correlation between their standing and their Strength of Schedule. If you are playing better teams, it would lend itself that they are better Offenses to have to defend.

It is surprising to see CAL so far behind in the comparative analysis of quality of competition and quality of results, outside of the South Oldham victory the Centurions really don't have another win that truly stands out as elite. With that said, CAL is a strong #3 team when you look at the statistics, specifically their Defensive ranking where they have proven they have an elite level Defense. The Centurions really only have one game left that should be a notable challenge and that is DeSales, otherwise their schedule is actually surprisingly weak compared to what we are accustomed to from them.

Glasgow is probably the most disappointing team of the Top 7 when looking at their statistics. Despite playing a painfully weak schedule the Scotties do not trend well and in their lone challenge of notable stature, they were outclassed by Franklin-Simpson. Though most associate Glasgow as being on similar footing as Somerset and Owensboro Catholic, just behind the Top 3, the statistics seem to suggest the Scotties are actually another step below and more similar to Danville, LCA, and Lloyd Memorial.

Meanwhile, Around the State

Cards Trump Corbin

Most anticipated the Mayfield and Corbin game to be an instant classic. The #2 ranked teams in their respective classes going to battle on a neutral field. Corbin's solid Defense and Mayfield's efficient Offense doing battle. There was no shortage of bravado entering the game, but after Mayfield took the Redhounds to the woodshed 45-21 there were not many Hounds left barking.

Mayfield put on a clinic. The Cardinals harassed Corbin standout QB Chase Estep all night with pressure from their Defensive Line, the Cardinal DB's blanketed the Corbin receivers, and the Cardinals absolutely owned Special Teams. The Cardinals would score both a kickoff return for a TD and a Field Goal, while a fumble generated in kick coverage would lead directly to another score.

The Cardinal Offense also was business as usual. Mayfield's balanced attack kept Corbin off balance all night as the Cardinals consistently found success in all downs and distances, whether it be from the run or pass. It was frightening display of team football for the rest of Class 2A, as once again Mayfield resoundingly proved they are a legitimate title threat.

The Cardinals jump into District play this week with most likely District Contender Murray on the slate. After this week the Cardinals should be able to cruise and rest anyone with a bump or bruise before their final showdown with a solid 3A Caldwell County squad.


A Cringe Worthy Night For District 6

When the highlight of the night may have been a loss by two Touchdowns, you know it was not a great night. Newport Central Catholic looked stronger than recent weeks when they pushed 4-1 6A Conner to their limit, before succumbing 34-18 on the road. The Breds had been outscored 93-12 the three previous games so this was a step in the right direction despite the loss.

Lloyd Memorial did find a way to fly the "W" flag, but it surely was not pretty in the least. The Juggernauts needed all Four Quarters to survive a scare from historical whipping post Grant County 26-12. The Braves entered with losses in 21 of their past 22 games and do not compete for a District Title, but ti didn't stop them from only trailing by a lone TD with under 2:00 to go. The Juggernauts now take on that same Conner team NewCath just faced.

Newport's hot start came to a halt against 1A Frankfort. The Wildcats were no match for Frankfort and fell 42-21. Covington Holy Cross remained winless by taking a 63-6 drubbing at the hands of Beechwood. The Indians have now been outscored 288-18 on the season.

District 8 To Start Shaping Up

Shelby Valley continues to look like the team to beat in District 8. The Wildcats are now 5-1 and have successfully established their rushing prowess in recent weeks. Valley has scored 161 points in their last three games against lesser competition. They will take this week as their BYE and it should afford a valuable chance to scout.

The Shelby Valley staff will certainly be in Hyden watching Leslie County and Prestonsburg do battle. The Blackcats are still searching for their first win after a solid non-district schedule has left them 0-5 and without a single game that they were within 4 TD's of the victor. Leslie County got off the mat in their sixth try to handle East Ridge 47-6 for their first win of the year. The loser of this game will have a lot of work to do with a road playoff game looming. The winner will at least have a chance to surprise Shelby Valley and get that all important #1 seed.

Trains in Opposite Directions?

When the season opened most expected Danville to be the team everyone was chasing in District 7, meanwhile LCA was the team most expected to struggle to find a home playoff game after losing so much talent.

As the first few weeks played out little came from the results to suggest otherwise, Danville was very competitive against a pair of 3A's best teams and LCA was ran off the field against Pikeville and Lexington Catholic. The Eagles though have started to find their groove on Offense with back to back quality wins.

Danville has went 2-1 in their past three games, but that doesn't tell the full story. The Admirals laid an egg against a lackluster 5A Pulaski County and followed it up with "Closer than it should be" wins against 3A foes Waggener and Garrard County. The latest, a 28-22 win over the Golden Lions from Lancaster, was perhaps the most concerning as Danville continues to struggle to find their identity on both sides of the ball. Since their season opening win over Woodford County, Danville has yet to have a rusher hit the 70 yard mark and after Danville's Defense carried them to the title, they continue to struggle to get key stops on 3rd Down.