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Stock Report
Now that the dust has settled after four weeks, The Notebook will determine how the stocks of some of the Top 2A Programs are doing and what kind of advisement we might have for the market in it's current state.

DeSales- Stock Up, Blue Chip
The Colts have done everything asked of them and then some moving to the top spot with their early season work. The Colt Offense is getting the job done and the Defense remains stout as expected. Even with a big battle with CAL looming, a loss does not necessarily mean you will be out in the cold. Take my word, this is a very robust stock to own.

Mayfield- Stock Up, Blue Chip
Mayfield has performed as expected and still looks like it may have even more room to grow. The market is watching what will happen in two weeks against perhaps their toughest regular season foe.The Cardinals smoked 6A McCracken County and left little doubt that this may be the premium dividend you want in the West. The Notebook would be very surprised not to see this stock trending until the end of the year.

Christian Academy of Louisville- Stock Up, Blue Chip
CAL remains a share you want to have, but the market has not been as bullish as rival DeSales. This one may have a nice ROI if CAL can beat their crown-town rivals and become the ultimate Blue Chip. CAL's latest romp of 3A Elizabethtown is further proof that this is Fortune 100 type of stock.

Danville Admirals- Stock Dropping Fast, Buy Low
Danville has not lived up to expectations after finishing 2017 at the top of the market. Most expected the Admirals to struggle after graduation but 1-3 and a lackluster loss to Pulaski has many jumping ship. With LCA struggling and District 8 a cakewalk, it might be wise to buy low and get a strong chance at a favorable ROI to the Semi-Finals.

Glasgow- Stock Level, Stable
Glasgow is the perfect stock for the beginner. A nice value that is sure to perform well and has very low risk associated with it. Just like their win over Allen County- Scottsville, you may not see breathtaking gains, but the risk of a decline is low. With a favorable District draw looming in the playoffs it is looking more and more likely that Glasgow will have a favorable outcome though you might not hit it rich.

Owensboro Catholic- Stock Rising, Volatile
After the first two weeks Owensboro Catholic was being unloaded in record fashion. After shocking 5A Owensboro and making a statement against South Spencer, Indiana and their former Coach people are now looking to get back on board and regretting their decision. Be careful though, this may be a roller coaster ride and it is still to be determined if the track can hold up.

Somerset- Stock Level, Sleeper Stock
Somerset may not be the sexy name and may not have the recent history of monster returns, but the market is starting to look like the Jumpers may have some upside. The only thing standing in the way of this stock paying big dividends is an October trip to Danville. After taking a hit against Beechwood, Somerset rebounded with a win over Hazard. If you see the market trend down with a game against Raceland it may be wise to cut your losses though.

Walton-Verona- Stock Level, Penny Stock Supreme
Not many people invest their hopes in Walton-Verona for Class 2A, but you are almost always assured that your stock will consistently perform well but just not with a high dollar return. It would be a shocker to see anything but a Regional Final appearance and a 10+ win season, just don't expect anything earth shattering as evidence by their "meh" wins over West Jessamine and Kentucky Country Day.

Any District 8 Team- Stock Crashing, Sell Now!
District 8 has struggled in their Non-District slate and outside of Shelby Valley really have zero average, let alone quality wins to speak of. The Wildcats appear the best of the bunch and may be able to win a playoff game, but banking on any return in November beyond the 1 Seed winning their First Round game is solely a waste of your hard earned money.

Newport Central Catholic- Stock Falling, Follow the Recent Trends
One a bluechip stock, NewCath has not been able to acclimate to the changing market in Class 2A in recent years. In year's past you would take the quarterly losses for the chance for a rapid rebound, but dont expect that trend to continue as the Line play simply is not up to speed. Buyer Beware.

Lexington Christian Academy- Stock Plummeting, Wait Until 2019
Just like a Fortune 500 company that had all of it's top management leave, when LCA lost their heralded Senior Class the writing was on the wall. The Eagles have dropped sharply and suddenly and don't seem to have enough diversity in the market to rebound in 2018. If you can get this ne for cheap in 2019 it might be worth a flyer though.

McLean County- Stock Rising, Sell High Then Buy Back Before Selling Again
One of the nicest stories this year has been the play of McLean County. The Cougars were 4-7 last year but have been one of the best turnarounds in the State. For those who bought this stock off the bargain bin the returns have been nice. The Cougars seem poised to be the 2-seed in their District. Expect a couple losses the next two weeks against 4A Logan County and Owensboro Catholic, but a five game winning streak is likely before they meet their Waterloo in the 2nd Round of the playoffs.

Lloyd Memorial- Stock Steady, Medium Risk/Low Reward
Lloyd seemed to be a trendy pick in 2017 but ultimately left investors with a bittersweet experience after bowing out sooner than expected. If alignment was the same, their stock might have more upside but with either CAL or DeSales inevitable in the 2nd Round this one is probably not worth the risk. Can you win a District Title and win 8 or 9 games with little cost to buy in? Sure. You just as easily could be District Runner-Up as well if Newport Central Catholic can find their Offense.