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As we enter the essentially the final week of District play, it is appropriate to view the 2017 Class 2A District slate as a comparison to the card for a Pay Per View Boxing/UFC event.

" The Lead In "
District 1: Mayfield 56 Murray 21, September 29th
What This Bout Taught Us: This was the game that got people to tune in early although everyone knew a knockout was coming. Mayfield was a cut above in their District all season and made short work of a Murray team that simply did not have the footwork, stamina, or punching power to go toe-to-toe.

Mayfield's Best Attribute: Mayfield can do it all, but what makes them a lethal fighter is their brain. The true greats are the ones who can set you up or can figure out a strategy and adapt. With Coach Joe Morris and a slew of fundamentally sound and football savvy players this is where Mayfield excels.

" The Filler "
District 2: Owensboro Catholic 43 Hancock County 8, October 6th
District 8: Prestonsburg 34 Shelby Valley 17, October 5th
What These Bouts Taught Us: These were the bouts early in the night when most people have been able to arrive, but are more concerned with socializing and chatting about the fights still to come. The outcomes surprised no one and at times these were even a bit boring. Both victors are guys who were improving their position for future, higher profile fights.

Owensboro Catholic's Best Attribute: Sometimes you hear that a fighter has "heavy hands", meaning when they punch you it just hits a little harder than others. For Owensboro Catholic their "heavy hand" is their heavy hitting RB Vonn Williams. Williams is a tough runner that can make you double over in pain at any moment.

Prestonsburg's Best Attribute: The Blackcats are probably the District Champion who is the most under the radar. Most have already written off Prestonsburg as a contender, and with a home field advantage this could make them into a Buster Douglas type of opponent. The Blackcats have a pair of capable runners and when they are moving the ball they are draining the clock.

"The Up and Comer "
District 5: Walton-Verona 61 Owen County 0, September 22nd
What This Bout Taught Us: With most cards they specifically profile a fight during the night that shows an up-and-comer in the sport. The fighter who is still a bit rough and raw, but has the tools to grow into a contender. Walton-Verona is that program and they shined in the limelight by dominating Owen County and leaving little doubt they were the class of District 5.

Walton-Verona's Best Attribute: Walton-Verona is an aggressive fighter that is not afraid to go toe to toe. You have to bring your best Defense because these are the guys who will throw a fury of strikes and if you are not careful you look up and find yourself behind on the score card with the rounds counting down. Can W-V's best fight take down the premier fighters' best effort? Probably not. None the less, if you relax on these guys they can score points in a hurry and limit possessions.

" The Intermission Fight "
District 3: Glasgow 45 Monroe County 21, October 13th
What This Bout Taught Us: The match-up is a bit closer than the filler material earlier in the night, but this is the fight people step out on a little to run to the restroom, grab a Hors d'oeuvre, or re-fill their beverage. It is captivating enough that the general public wants to know the result, but they are more concerned reigning in their focus for the bigger fights to come.

Glasgow's Best Attribute: Glasgow is a well rounded fighter with no blaring weakness. The Scotties are not especially dominant or scary in any one discipline, but they bring an excellent mix of Defense, speed, tradition, and Offensive Balance. Defending their home turf will make them even more fired up.

" The Shocker "
District 6: Lloyd Memorial 46 Newport Central Catholic 14
What This Bout Taught Us: Just when you thought you had everything figured out, here comes Lloyd and upsets the apple-cart. Newport Central Catholic was considered a top contender entering the battle, but Lloyd had plans of their own and delivered enough hay-makers to put the Breds on their heels and then pounded them into submission. Suddenly everyone has to take a second look at the scrappy Juggernauts.

Lloyd Memorial's Best Attribute: Some of the best UFC fighters are the guys who have mastered two different attacking styles. These are the guys who can knock you out standing up with their boxing or pull you into submission on the ground with their jujitsu. Jordan Fann is that guy. The dual threat QB is lethal with his feet and his arm. Lloyd's Defense is rapidly improving and their secondary weapons are also developing and gaining confidence.

" The Build Up "
District 4: DeSales 21 Christian Academy- Louisville 3, October 6th
What This Bout Taught Us: Some cards are simply a little better than others. The 2017 District slate was one of those special cards as we got to see two legitimate title contenders duke it out in a heavyweight battle. CAL entered as the fighter who has held the Championship belt, but who was still reeling from a surprise upset and not quiet at peak form. DeSales pounded them with gut shots and controlled the tempo of the bout winning round after round in the judges' eyes. After the unanimous decision, DeSales now looks like the #1 contender.

DeSales' Best Attribute: You have to be able to go the distance and "win ugly" to be a great fighter. This is all about depth, landing the blows that do damage to the opposition's psyche as much as their physical condition, and coming up big in the clutch. DeSales is arguably the best Defensive fighter in the Class, but they have enough Offense to control the fight and dominate start to finish. Think of them as the "Ground and Pound" fighter.

" The Main Event "
So here we are...

#1 Danville Admirals at #3 Lexington Christian Academy Eagles, October 20th

What We Can Expect: Rocky vs. Apollo, Ali vs. Frazier, Edgar vs. Maynard... the best fights don't happen once. If history is any indication, to channel my inner Michael Buffer, "Letttttsssss Geeettttttt Reaaadddyyyy toooo RUMMMBBBLLLLEEEEE!!!"

Danville and LCA have been on a collision course all season and both enter with sterling 8-0 records. Expect a fight rich in Offense, but with strategic Defense. The Eagles have all the moves and enough knockout power to drop anyone when they can set up their punches. Danville is the Class 2A version of Money Mayweather. Their best attribute is their quickness and finesse, but they can crank up the Defense and beat you in a war of attrition by scoring points every round and keeping the pressure on.

Whoever wins this fight will be the one who can dictate the pace. Both fighters are very familiar with each other so whoever can control the Line of Scrimmage and can force the other to press and make a critical mistake will have the upper hand.

One thing is for sure, like every great Main Event that everyone tunes in to see, the rematch will be even bigger.