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District 1

Current Standings:
1. Mayfield 6-0, 1-0
2. Ballard Memorial 2-5, 1-0
3. Murray 2-5, 0-1
4. Webster County 1-6, 0-1

Projected Finish: 1. Mayfield 2. Murray 3. Ballard Memorial 4.Webster County

The Low-Down: Everyone knows that the odds of anyone not named Mayfield winning this District is slim to none, and none is an almost uncertainty. Webster County's loss to Ballard Memorial means they are ticketed for the 4-seed. The Murray vs. Ballard Memorial game will determine the 2 seed. This one may be a toss-up and it is hard to get a read on either team as they have both struggled equally against solid non-district schedules. Last season Murray nipped the Bombers by 3 points.

District 2

Current Standings:
1. Owensboro Catholic 5-3, 3-0
2. Hancock County 4-3, 2-1
3. McLean County 2-5, 1-1
4. Todd Central 5-2, 0-2
Butler County 0-7, 0-2

Projected Finish: 1. Owensboro Catholic 2. Hancock County 3. McLean County 4. Todd Central

The Low-Down: The paint has dried on the Aces' District Championship trophy after knocking off Hancock County this weekend. The Hornets still have work to do to lock in a home playoff game as they are yet to play McLean County. Todd Central has accomplished a historic season but it will be all for nothing if they can not knock off Butler County. That game will serve as a "play-in" game for the last team to reach the playoffs.

District 3

Current Standings:
1. Monroe County 6-1, 1-0
2. Glasgow 5-2, 1-0
3. Metcalfe County 5-2, 0-1
4. Green County 4-3, 0-1

Projected Finish: 1. Glasgow 2. Monroe County 3. Metcalfe County 4. Green County

The Low-Down: This District is still wide open and technically any team could still win it, but let's be honest, this week's showdown between Monroe County and Glasgow will most likely be the District Championship and the winner of this week's game between Green County and Metcalfe County will determine the 3rd seed. Metcalfe appears to be the stronger team in the latter game, but the Monroe County and Glasgow clash is almost too close to call.

District 4

Current Standings:
1. DeSales 7-0, 1-0
2. Washington Co 6-2, 1-0
3. Christ. Acad. Lou. 5-2, 0-1
4. Shawnee 0-6, 0-1

Projected Finish: 1. DeSales 2. CAL 3. Washington Co 4. Shawnee

The Low-Down: DeSales dominant Defensive performance against CAL puts them in the driver seat. Washington County is dramatically improved but they will not be able to knock off either of the Louisville private schools, a 3rd seed though should give them a puncher's chance at a First Round playoff win.

District 5

Current Standings:
1. Walton-Verona 5-2, 2-0
2. Owen County 5-2, 2-1
3. Carroll County 3-4, 2-1
4. Gallatin County 3-4, 0-2
Trimble County 1-6, 0-2

Projected Finish: 1. Walton-Verona 2. Owen County 3. Carroll County 4. Gallatin County

The Low-Down: Owen County's 21-20 victory over Carroll County might not have hit a lot of people's radars, but the significance of that one point victory may be the pivot point of District 5's playoff picture. Walton-Verona has defeated the two best teams below them and have this one all but wrapped up, Owen County now should be the clear cut 2nd Seed. Gallatin and Trimble are playing for the last ticket to the dance.

District 6

Current Standings:
1. Lloyd Memorial 5-2, 1-0
2. Newport Central Catholic 4-3, 1-0
3. Newport 1-6, 0-1
4. Cov. Holy Cross 0-8, 0-0

Projected Finish: 1. Newport Central Catholic 2. Lloyd Memorial 3. Newport 4. Cov. Holy Cross

The Low-Down: The Have's and the Have Not's. Newport Central Catholic and Lloyd Memorial both have aspirations of State Finals appearance, Newport and Holy Cross just want to win a couple games. The Breds and the Juggs will battle in a highly anticipated game this week with perhaps one of the most important playoff seeds up for grab. Holy Cross, a Semi-Finalist last year, is still winless and has played a tougher schedule than Newport, but they have also been non-competitive for most of the season.

District 7

Current Standings:
1. Danville 8-0, 1-0
2. Lexington Christ. 7-0, 1-0
3. Somerset 5-3, 0-1
4. Middlesboro 2-5, 0-1

Projected Finish: 1. Danville 2. LCA 3. Somerset 4. Middlesboro

The Low-Down: The strongest District 1-3 in all of Class 2A. Danville's road win at Somerset in a hard fought game was significant, it puts the Ads one step closer and now they only need to clear LCA to close out their season. Somerset has to beat LCA on the road this week to have any hope at a 3-way tie, but even then Danville and LCA's non-District wins may not bode well for the Jumpers.

District 8

Current Standings:
1. Prestonsburg 4-3, 2-0
2. Leslie County 4-4, 2-1
3. East Ridge 4-3, 1-1
4. Shelby Valley 3-4, 1-1
Betsy Layne 0-7, 0-3

Projected Finish: 1. Prestonsburg 2. Leslie County 3. Shelby Valley 4. East Ridge

The Low-Down: The top is figured out. Prestonsburg will be the top seed and Leslie County will finish second, this we know. All three teams at the bottom of the District are technically in play to volunteer as a sacrifice for the top two teams from District 7. Betsy Layne already has a loss to East Ridge and zero tie-breaker points so their odds do not appear to be good, their only hope will be to beat Shelby Valley.