Class 2A Notebook 10/25- Breaking Down The Contenders

Page 4 of As we enter the final week of the regular season the Class 2A District Standings have been finalized and the playoff brackets have been set. Though Cla... 46 comments | 4548 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Great article! Here's one thing I would add. CAL has the following advantage - regardless of who they are playing, they will have the best player on the field. If you haven't seen Milton Wright play, you're missing out. Now, here's the other piece - if Milton Wright was Adrian Peterson, this would still be Mayfield's title to lose. I agree with the weaknesses stated for the Cardinals - none! I think both DeSales and CAL are capable of beating the Cardinals, but until you knock the king off the top of the mountain, everything else is just talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeSales Dad View Post
    Not to look past the opening round game, but Glasgow makes me nervous in the second round. The coaches will have to do their best to keep a group of teenagers from looking ahead to a rematch with CAL.
    Desales is a playoff team and improved all year. If you guys beat Glasgow I wouldn't pick against you in the rematch because you have there number in the playoffs.

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