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First, Let's Start With The Lead Pony
Though this week's notebook will be focused more on some of the teams outside of the Top 10, we would be doing a disservice if we did not address the biggest win of the Week. Mayfield looked like a juggernaut for a Half against #2 3A Corbin. The Cards jumped out to a big lead, even missing Mr. Everything Trajon Bright, before having to hold off fatigue and a late Redhound push in the Second Half.

For the other 2A Contenders the Second Half has to serve as a ray of hope as Mayfield is uncharacteristically struggling to close out games. With that said, despite some heaving breathing and some hands on hips, Mayfield did what has been a hallmark of their legendary program and they won the game at closing time despite Uncle Mo trending the other way.

Now On To The Darkhorses...

Somerset Briar Jumpers (3-2)- Somerset has been a fixture on the tip of the Bluegrasspreps Class 2A Top 10 since Week 0. Somerset clearly has a tough team and their two losses have both been to solid ranked foes.

BEST WIN? 33-15 over 1A Hazard
BEST LOSS? 20-26 against 4A Rockcastle County
BAD LOSS? None, though the 22 point loss to Beechwood could have been better

CALPREPS S.O.S= 11, 1st of the Darkhorses

I think most agree Danville may be too much right now, but LCA is a game that Somerset must view as a "Must Win" to avoid spending the playoffs on the road.

Metcalfe County Hornets (4-2)-The team that has shown more in defeat than victory. Metcalfe's four wins have not came against high level competition but their two losses have. With Monroe County struggling a bit can they make a push?

BEST WIN? 30-21 over 3A Edmonson County
BEST LOSS? 28-37 vs. 3A Adair County
BAD LOSS? None, Franklin-Simpson is the real deal

CALPREPS S.O.S= -5.1, 2nd of the Darkhorses

TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: September 30th @ Monroe County, If Metcalfe wants to get any respect it has to begin on the road against Monroe County.

Butler County Bears (3-3)- The team with the great individual player but a tough District path.

BEST WIN? 35-28 over 3A Edmonson County
BEST LOSS? 42-50 against 1A Russellville, losing by a score to the #1 1A team... that's pretty stout.
BAD LOSS? 29-33 vs. 5A Apollo, Apollo is usually one of those 5A teams you schedule to build confidence.

CALPREPS S.O.S= -5.4, 3rd of the Darkhorses

TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: 42-28 Loss vs. Owensboro Catholic. The loss certainly hurts their chances and potentially makes their playoff path much harder, but losing by 14 to the Aces also legitimizes Butler as a team with a "chance" to make noise.

Leslie County Eagles (4-1)- The team with the best chance to finish 9-1 and still be on the outside of the Top 10.

BEST WIN? 35-0 over 3A Knott Central, not really very impressive except the shutout stands out against a team that has put up a ton of points.
BAD WIN? 16-13 over 1A Williamsburg, the Yellowjackets are not a bad team but only winning by three is not exactly overwhelming.
BAD LOSS? 18-22 against 5A South Laurel, the 3-3 Cards are usually one of 5A's weakest teams.

CALPREPS S.O.S= -23.1, 7th of the Darkhorses

TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: October 7th vs. Prestonsburg, the Blackcats may be down but they remain the measuring stick of District 8

McLean County Cougars (4-1)- A Class 2A team with two wins over 4A teams, a 6A team, and their lone loss to an undefeated 6A Team. Hmm....

BEST WIN? 52-35 over 6A Ohio County, a bad 6A team..but a 6A team nonetheless
BAD WIN? 16-7 over 1A Crittenden County, the Rockets aren't in peak condition and this margin probably needed to be more.
BEST LOSS? 32-34 against 6A Muhlenberg County, a 2 point loss to a 5-0 6A team.

CALPREPS S.O.S= -17.6, 6th of the Darkhorses

TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: September 30th @ Owensboro Catholic, here's your stage McLean! With the Butler County already a loss down in the District McLean can control their own destiny with an upset.

Allen Central Runnin' Rebels (5-0)- Three undefeated teams remain in 2A... Mayfield, LCA, and.... Allen Central?

BEST WIN? None, the SOS has been painful
BAD WIN? None, their wins are painfully "blah"

CALPREPS S.O.S= -45.5, 8th and Last of the Darkhorses

TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: September 30th vs. Leslie County, Allen Central really hasn't played a team with a solid chance of winning a playoff game. Here is their shot. Win and suddenly they become a bonafide threat to win their District and secure home field advantage.

Gallattin County Wildcats (4-2)- The Metcalfe County of Northern Kentucky.

BEST WIN? 31-27 over 1A Bracken County, the Polar Bears' only loss
BAD WIN? 17-15 over 1A Ludlow, the Panthers are a very mediocre 1A team
BAD LOSS? 32-0 against Switzerland County, Indiana. The Swiss Pacers were one of Indiana's worst teams regardless of class in 2015. They may be improved but 32 points is a bad loss.

CALPREPS S.O.S= -16.4, 4th of the Darkhorses

TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: October 21st @ Owen County, The Rebels have taken some losses against a slightly updated schedule and most likely will be the team to beat in District 5

Owen County Rebels (2-3)- Bad record but decent resume.

BEST LOSS? 10-14 against 3A Henry County, Henry is not exactly a 3A Powerhouse but they are stronger than anyone in Owen's District so a four point loss is fairly solid.
BAD LOSS? None, Western Hills is better than expected so the blowout doesn't hurt as much

CALPREPS S.O.S= -16.5, 5th of the Darkhorses

TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: October 21st vs. Gallatin County, See Above.