Class 2A Notebook 9/26- Breaking Down The Darkhorses

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    First, Let's Start With The Lead Pony
    Though this week's notebook will be focused more on some of the teams outside of the Top 10, we would be doing a disservice if we did not address the biggest win of the Week. Mayfield looked like a juggernaut for a Half against #2 3A Corbin. The Cards jumped out to a big lead, even missing Mr. Everything Trajon Bright, before having to hold off fatigue and a late Redhound push in the Second Half.

    For the other 2A Contenders the Second Half has to serve as a ray of hope as Mayfield is uncharacteristically struggling to close out games. With that said, despite some heaving breathing and some hands on hips, Mayfield did what has been a hallmark of their legendary program and they won the game at closing time despite Uncle Mo trending the other way.

    Now On To The Darkhorses...

    Somerset Briar Jumpers (3-2)- Somerset has been a fixture on the tip of the Bluegrasspreps Class 2A Top 10 since Week 0. Somerset clearly has a tough team and their two losses have both been to solid ranked foes.

    BEST WIN? 33-15 over 1A Hazard
    BAD WIN? None
    BEST LOSS? 20-26 against 4A Rockcastle County
    BAD LOSS? None, though the 22 point loss to Beechwood could have been better

    CALPREPS S.O.S= 11, 1st of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: Oct. 14 vs. LCA
    I think most agree Danville may be too much right now, but LCA is a game that Somerset must view as a "Must Win" to avoid spending the playoffs on the road.

    Metcalfe County Hornets (4-2)-The team that has shown more in defeat than victory. Metcalfe's four wins have not came against high level competition but their two losses have. With Monroe County struggling a bit can they make a push?

    BEST WIN? 30-21 over 3A Edmonson County
    BAD WIN? None
    BEST LOSS? 28-37 vs. 3A Adair County
    BAD LOSS? None, Franklin-Simpson is the real deal

    CALPREPS S.O.S= -5.1, 2nd of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: September 30th @ Monroe County, If Metcalfe wants to get any respect it has to begin on the road against Monroe County.

    Butler County Bears (3-3)- The team with the great individual player but a tough District path.

    BEST WIN? 35-28 over 3A Edmonson County
    BAD WIN? None
    BEST LOSS? 42-50 against 1A Russellville, losing by a score to the #1 1A team... that's pretty stout.
    BAD LOSS? 29-33 vs. 5A Apollo, Apollo is usually one of those 5A teams you schedule to build confidence.

    CALPREPS S.O.S= -5.4, 3rd of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: 42-28 Loss vs. Owensboro Catholic. The loss certainly hurts their chances and potentially makes their playoff path much harder, but losing by 14 to the Aces also legitimizes Butler as a team with a "chance" to make noise.

    Leslie County Eagles (4-1)- The team with the best chance to finish 9-1 and still be on the outside of the Top 10.

    BEST WIN? 35-0 over 3A Knott Central, not really very impressive except the shutout stands out against a team that has put up a ton of points.
    BAD WIN? 16-13 over 1A Williamsburg, the Yellowjackets are not a bad team but only winning by three is not exactly overwhelming.
    BEST LOSS? None
    BAD LOSS? 18-22 against 5A South Laurel, the 3-3 Cards are usually one of 5A's weakest teams.

    CALPREPS S.O.S= -23.1, 7th of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: October 7th vs. Prestonsburg, the Blackcats may be down but they remain the measuring stick of District 8

    McLean County Cougars (4-1)- A Class 2A team with two wins over 4A teams, a 6A team, and their lone loss to an undefeated 6A Team. Hmm....

    BEST WIN? 52-35 over 6A Ohio County, a bad 6A team..but a 6A team nonetheless
    BAD WIN? 16-7 over 1A Crittenden County, the Rockets aren't in peak condition and this margin probably needed to be more.
    BEST LOSS? 32-34 against 6A Muhlenberg County, a 2 point loss to a 5-0 6A team.
    BAD LOSS? None

    CALPREPS S.O.S= -17.6, 6th of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: September 30th @ Owensboro Catholic, here's your stage McLean! With the Butler County already a loss down in the District McLean can control their own destiny with an upset.

    Allen Central Runnin' Rebels (5-0)- Three undefeated teams remain in 2A... Mayfield, LCA, and.... Allen Central?

    BEST WIN? None, the SOS has been painful
    BAD WIN? None, their wins are painfully "blah"
    BEST LOSS? None
    BAD LOSS? None

    CALPREPS S.O.S= -45.5, 8th and Last of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: September 30th vs. Leslie County, Allen Central really hasn't played a team with a solid chance of winning a playoff game. Here is their shot. Win and suddenly they become a bonafide threat to win their District and secure home field advantage.

    Gallattin County Wildcats (4-2)- The Metcalfe County of Northern Kentucky.

    BEST WIN? 31-27 over 1A Bracken County, the Polar Bears' only loss
    BAD WIN? 17-15 over 1A Ludlow, the Panthers are a very mediocre 1A team
    BEST LOSS? None
    BAD LOSS? 32-0 against Switzerland County, Indiana. The Swiss Pacers were one of Indiana's worst teams regardless of class in 2015. They may be improved but 32 points is a bad loss.

    CALPREPS S.O.S= -16.4, 4th of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: October 21st @ Owen County, The Rebels have taken some losses against a slightly updated schedule and most likely will be the team to beat in District 5

    Owen County Rebels (2-3)- Bad record but decent resume.

    BEST WIN? None
    BAD WIN? None
    BEST LOSS? 10-14 against 3A Henry County, Henry is not exactly a 3A Powerhouse but they are stronger than anyone in Owen's District so a four point loss is fairly solid.
    BAD LOSS? None, Western Hills is better than expected so the blowout doesn't hurt as much

    CALPREPS S.O.S= -16.5, 5th of the Darkhorses

    TALE OF THE TAPE GAME: October 21st vs. Gallatin County, See Above.

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    Walton smacked Henry, they're in Owens district?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjmonster07 View Post
    Walton smacked Henry, they're in Owens district?
    Yes, Befuddling to say the least.
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