Christian Academy of Louisville 34 Mayfield 26 (Class 2A State Championship)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
    Because it was pretty clear to most who watched the game that CAL was the better team. Not to mention, when you say "This loss was more on Mayfield and less about CAL," you're implying that CAL didn't earn the win. That's simply not the case.

    CAL was the better team. Saying they aren't after the fact is sour grapes.
    Dude come on. Of course every win is earned. I'm offering my perspective.. Would you say then that Alabama or Georgia is the better team after the SEC Championship? or did one make more of their opportunities than another and one not "clearly" better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdukesix View Post
    Dude come on. Of course every win is earned. I'm offering my perspective.. Calm down.
    I'm calm?

    Any time a team wins and someone argues the losing team is the better team, it sounds like sour grapes. I know Mayfield isn't used to losing very often, but it happens. They weren't the best team this year.

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    Run game and defense. CAL was rushing for 5 yards a pop (not to mention busting 4 or 5 BIG runs), which really helped open up their pass game (as infrequently as they threw it). Mayfield could barely muster 2 yards a carry.

    CAL's defense shut the run game down, sniffed out all but one quick screen (Kade Neely touchdown), and did well pressuring QB. I won't say Mayfield's defense wore down, because they came up with some key stops throughout the game to stay in it, but they got gashed a few too many times. I feel like the game ended just the way it should have. Mayfield showed they can hang with almost anybody, but CAL was one score better and controlled the game, making Mayfield play catch up ball.

    I thought Mayfield playcalling was fine. They still attempted rushing to keep CAL from teeing off on QB (he got hurt as it was on a QB pressure), which was smart. Plus, their RB was one of their best playmakers so you try to get the ball in his hands. If you want to question some of the offensive calls on the last drive, by all means do. I thought the screen pass on third down was awful. They should have been pressing the seams and middle of field.

    Just be proud of the way Mayfield played. They showed guts. And from my observations, CAL was very respectful of that effort.

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    It was an amazing game. CAL and Mayfield were evenly matched. CAL was more methodical. Mayfield's plays came off mostly big scores. The game was honestly won by the CAL o-line versus the Mayfield d-line. The fact that Mayfield had the ball at their own 44 yard line with only 1:52 remaining in the game and a chance to tie it says it all about how close this game was. The CAL defense came up big and prevented Mayfield from getting a first down. Mayfield is a tradition rich program that ALWAYS finds its way to the final game with limited exceptions. I suspect both CAL and Mayfield are happy CAL is moving to 3A next year.