Bracken County 45 Bishop Brossart 26

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    Quote Originally Posted by polarbear98 View Post
    Where does the Berea situation come in to play? If it comes down to points and scores? They cancelled their game vs Nicholas and this weeks game as well. Paris is the only district team to play them I believe and won big.
    Points and scores don't matter. Any team involved in a three-way tiebreaker would get credit for beating Berea and would get to count them toward the tiebreaker if they were won of their four best victories. If Berea goes winless, as expected, Bracken, Brossart, and Paris would all have better wins to count and thus wouldn't need to count Berea.

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    Unfortunately for the Brossart students there was a soccer game and volleyball game going on at the same time which the hurt attendance. Brossart students usually travel well.

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    This is how districts will play out
    1. Paris
    2. Bracken
    3. Brossart
    4. Nicholas