Although the Purples get a bye week tonight, I went ahead and looked at some interesting numbers that I found on Maxpreps. I understand that polls, such as Maxpreps, is simply a estimation, it still shows how impressive this team out of Indy really is.

After 7 games, both the Purples and Warren Central are undefeated (Warren Central plays their toughest team to date, tonight - Carmel)

The seven teams that the Purples has faced has an average national ranking of 5,634
The seven teams that Warren Central Indy has faced has a average national ranking of 1,602

Warren Central QB Jayden George (Jeff George son) I believe has 26 TD passes with 2 INTs and about 2,000 yards after 7 games. Romier Elliott, their star RB has around 1,400 yards rushing and I believe 18 TDs (averaging more than 10 yards per carry). Their highest rated player, David Bell, has caught for about 1,000 yards with about a third of his receptions being TDs. He is one of the top prospects as WR in the country.

BG Purples QB, Beau Buchannan, is approaching 1,700 yards with 16 TDs and 4 INTs. Purples star player, Vito Tisdale (amazingly is still rated the highest of all players in this game in most, if not all prep ratings) has close to 900 total yards, despite only playing 5 games, along with 11 TDs. The Purples do not have a star WR, but a trio of good HS football receivers.

Warren Central is averaging 53 points per game against above average teams while the Purples are averaging 39 points per game verses average teams.

The offensive and defensive lines will be the main difference in these two teams with Warren Centrals having the big advantage. I was told to imagine the offensive and defensive lines of Warren Central to be a little bigger than St X, with much more athletic ability.

I will be interested to see how Warren Central Indy fairs tonight verses Carmel - I would say they will be more than fine.

Purples need to rest up and heal up.

Just wanted to give the Purples followers some things to chew on during BYE week. I will post more later after thread of theses two games are posted at beginning of next week.